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Reiki healers should not give council

22 August, 2022

Reiki Healers should not give council

Reiki healers should not give council

Within our healing sanctuaries and healing rooms we see many people.  One thing that is on the increase is the amount of Reiki healers that we see and help.  Not only this but people who have had a problem after seeing a Reiki healer.

We need to ask why is this and what is going on?  It Is very simple for us.  The practices by the Reiki healers are creating spiritual and supernatural problems.  Firstly, we would like to run a few symptoms past our readers that may occur.

Headaches, drained, sick, confusion, emotional instability, irritable heat in the body.  Voices in your head, feelings of fear, supernatural phenomena, nightmares, temporary feelings of being psychically empowered then a crash (this last one being of one of the more dangerous).  We can also experience phenomena in our homes after a Reiki healer visit, especially if they have tried or given any type of psychic advice or council.

Remember the question that was asked:  How did Jesus (Yeshua) heal?

There are many healers that unfortunately, are misguided, poorly taught and do not have enough knowledge to keep themselves safe and those that they give Reiki to.  On top of this there are people “attuned” incorrectly, this will then pass on to everyone that has their Reiki.  We are very aware of how this interferes with the Reiki healer and the patient, this keeps us quite busy!

Then there are other spiritual practices which are dangerous and being incorporated in the Reiki healing, this in many cases is where a lot of damage is being done.  Angel cards, Tarot have no place in a Reiki treatment any good work you do will be cancelled by the cards, but why?

As our friend says: If you are not going to do it properly then why bother.

If as a Reiki healer we are involved in manifestation ceremonies or any type of magic or witchcraft the Reiki is pointless, shamanism, telling the future, or any type of practice that makes a person vomit then we cannot expect good results.  We need to understand what our teachers are into before we let them attune us to spiritual energy.

Recently we have seen people in the news arguing over who invented “Angel Reiki”, we will make ourselves very clear on this.  We would not want the Karmic debt of that one because channelling of any sort has no place in Reiki.  It is a dangerous practice, which generally ends up, the person or both needing a removal (Exorcism).

Remember the question that was asked:  How did Jesus (Yeshua) heal?


If you do start down the Angel card route, or giving readings from cards then be prepared, you may get a nasty surprise! They also charge extra for putting the patient in a position of danger under guise of “Angels”.

Angel Reiki was not given by the good!

Not all that is good is good!


When we give Reiki, it is very important that we do not misinterpret any feelings that we may have.  We do not start saying I feel this or that, (the blocked chakra quote being very misleading). We do not start telling the patient what we feel around them or giving any guidance, I can feel your brother here, I see a wolf as examples.  By doing this we are interfering and inviting problems for ourselves and the patient.

As my brother always says: Let the Reiki do its work!

Unfortunately for many their own egos get in the way, they have no idea how the Reiki is delivered, the mechanics of the process but also the dangers of letting their own minds interpret what or any emotions or feelings.

Let the Reiki do its work, do not let our own minds interfere or attract things that we do not want.

There are many who now practice Reiki who do it to be cool or as a cash cow or charging people the earth.  Good spirit world knows our intentions, this will reflect on our individual path and what we create for ourselves.  We can lie to others and ourselves but not to the unseen!

In some case’s the Reiki healers think they “think” become all seeing and all knowing.  When this happens then trouble is not far from their door, which if opened will let in some very dark spirits, which will cause chaos for all involved.

We know this to be true because we repair the damage that has been caused!

Sooner or later our bad practices come home to roost, some lessons can be very harsh dependant on how far we have fallen off the path.  It can be very hard to change people’s ways, unless they have had a bad experience which has affected their health, health or happiness of their family or had a bad and dark experience.

We see no spiritual safety, if Reiki is done properly, it is not needed, if you have been attuned by someone who is involved in any of the above, we suggest you get detuned, your Reiki is corrupted.  Now that we have given the warning it is up to you what you do with the information but be warned the karmic debt is now yours!

This all being said, if you would like to learn more about Reiki, spiritual laws and how to keep yourself safe and why we avoid certain practices.  If you wish to know how food, drink and drugs diminish our healing abilities.  How our egos, the desire to be better than another, our intentions, our desires aid or disrupt our Reiki then please come and speak with us on our day of healing.

We would ask that you share this any Reiki healers that you know because you may just find this is what they have needed to read.


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