Yoga of Hope

1 July, 2023

Yoga of Hope LifeBalance

Yoga of Hope- LifeBalance


We share this article today with the hope of helping those readers that cannot ask for help. There are different reasons why we do this.  These words and those of the team are for those on what seems a downward spiral.  Cant’s see the wood for the trees and do not know where to turn.

Many of the team have written some interesting articles over the last few months.  Many have spoken of hope.  What is hope? How do we use it and what do we expect from it.

If we were to ask our readers what pose demonstrates or strengthens hope what would they say?

When times are dark, hard, testing, difficult, what pose should we practice to strengthen hope.  We see so many say ‘do this do that’.  We can look on the net and see thousands of articles, all saying the same thing.

As we have always said “not all poses are physical” and hope appears to be one of those poses.  When we are stressed or worried an hour on the mat can help with stress.  Meditation always helps when done safely, but we are talking about poses.

Yoga of Hope- LifeBalance

We need to ask what is and what isn’t our yoga practice limited to.  Are there things it can’t help with, that seems a little odd to us.  If it is limited what are the limiting factors or are we the limiting factor?

What is useful to understand is that Hope is one of Gods graces and what we mean by that in a simple way is,

A tool to help us get through this physical incarnation.  This being said, Hope is so much more than a mere tool.  By now our readers must recognise that all poses are thoughts.  We think a pose, yes, we all know about stretching and benefits etc etc.

We can do nothing without thought


Today we would like to offer a simple method of using hope.  The pose is not physical it is mental.  It can be done anywhere.  At all times Hope is ready to help us, her hand outstretched but if for some reason we are in that negative flat spin, we do not reach out.  Hope never travels on her own, she travels with her sisters, Faith and Charity.  They are with her waiting to help us wherever they find us.  Whatever state we find ourselves.

Our sisters are always with us.  They are spiritual gifts

There are many in times of trouble seek mediums and the future.  This we never advise because of what we can invite into our lives. However, we understand why.  In doing this we forget our sisters and deny using the gifts which we have been given to pass through troubled waters.

Whatever is going we must use our mind.  We must tell ourselves all will be ok.  Whatever the situation.  We may not feel it. Put it on repeat.  The signals we send out will be answered.  Even if the fears come to fruition, then we continue to be hopeful to know all will be ok.

When the weight of the world is on our minds, and we feel like we are collapsing then call hope.  Use her spiritual light to uphold us to strengthen us.  All we do is imagine a pure white bubble of light inflating from our heart, growing whiter by the second.  Filling our torso and supporting us from the weight of our minds.  Nothing can collapse it.

The white light grows stronger to help us bat away the fears.  Even when the moment comes Hope is with us, she gives us the strength to carry what we are going through.  The more we hope the more things will be seen, it will not be as bad.  Allow hope to open the doors, to guide us through the dark places, the difficult times.

The moment we ask for help then her sister will be with us, Faith, to know what ever happens we will be ok, tomorrow is another day.  Those who have lost loved one will be reunited, we will get through.  Faith gives us the strength to continue and see the positive.  To connect to the unseen help that is always around.  Faith helps us channel are thoughts positively for what we send out comes back double.

Yoga of Hope – LifeBalance

Hope is a daughter of Sophia; we have written of her before.  We know her as God the Mother, the Divine Feminine.  When the thoughts, feeling and worry are too much. Use Hopes bright light to uphold us, to help those negative thoughts to bounce off. It will be ok regardless.  Hopes feminine energy will steer away negative thoughts and allow us to breath, create space and think.


Our own thoughts are the limiting factors in our yoga practice.  Even if we do not believe try the above.  Once we inflate that pure white bubble of light.  We feel the difference, our strength will be found.  Connect to the light that is within. We use our spiritual gifts to help us in the physical.  Our sisters are always with us, our mother is always as close.

Hope will always allow us to find the light in the most tragic of situations.  Her sister Charity or in another word Love will create cords that cannot be broken, cannot be lost, Faith will point the way, she will lift us when all looks bleak.

Those of us who have been on or are on self-destruct our sisters are calling, they have the gentlest of touch, they will help, they always help.  They are there to pick us up, our mother has sent them to protect us.  Trust our sisters, whatever happens they will never leave our sides.  We just need to know it.

Yoga of Hope – LifeBalance


If any reading this are wrestling, thoughts, feelings, or emotions.  Come and talk to the team or visit us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library.  There is no need to battle alone.  There is no cost for any help given.  Come have a cuppa, slice of cake and a chat, let us help you find your gifts.


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