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16 June, 2023

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The Gifts – Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome to the month of June.


At last we are waking up to bright sunshine and warm, even hot, sunny days.

These long hot days of summer remind me of my childhood, when we would rise early and go out to play.

Our Neighbours children were our friends, and we would chat excitedly to one another, over the ash-pole fencing that separated each others gardens, about the day ahead and what adventures we had planned.


Our friends were two bright girls aged 8 and 10.  We were a family of six. I was the eldest aged 10 my brother aged 9, two brothers aged 7 and 8, and one little brother aged 2, a baby sister completed our little troop.


We would often go on long walks to the woods, or play for hours in the swing park, and once a week we attended the local swimming pool.  Our days were care-free and we would return home when our tummies grumbled.

(Nowadays, most children lock themselves in their bedrooms whilst amusing themselves on their iPods, computers, or games stations.)


Our care-free childhood was a gift to us.  We appreciated nature.  Marvelling at birds eggs.  Tasting stolen Crab apples, that caused horrific tummy aches, and maybe a scrumptiously tasting, crisp golden apple, purloined from a neighbours tree.


Jam butties, were our mainstay of energy and we wolfed them down hungrily.

Mother would cry out in vain, “you lot are eating me out of house and home” as we carelessly left jam filled knives on her nice clean crisp table cloth.  As she waved her tea-towel at us.  Then we would scarper back out again for more adventures, until,  tea-time.


Now as a grown up I seem to reminisce more on those days.  Perhaps it was because as children we just accepted life as it was.  We had no great expectations we just lived in the now. We intrinsically knew that life was for living.


Have you ever watched a toddler delight in a butterfly, ladybird, or moth.  Their focus and concentration is amazing.  Children are a gift.  We can learn so much from them and they love us unconditionally.  We are the ones that place conditions upon them!


When I was pregnant with my first child I just knew he would be a boy.  Call it Mother’s intuition.  A few years later when carrying my second child I just knew it would be a girl.  My third baby again I knew its gender from the start a boy.

I loved being a Mum, and all the responsibilities that went with it.  I like many new Mothers made some mistakes, but I am a quick learner and learned not to repeat them.

By the time I had my third child I was more relaxed, confident, about my mothering skills and abilities. And could really enjoy this child. Knowing he would be my last baby.

I had always said four children two of each gender.  That was the plan for my family.  By the time my youngest was five I became pregnant again.

This was not a good time for me or the baby.

My marriage was in difficulties, my husband and I could not see things eye to eye. Counselling failed.  We ended up having a divorce some years later.

The Gifts – Ask Maureen


At that time I had became pregnant with my fourth child.  I could see no good in being pregnant again.  My marriage was so upsetting and unpredictable

I had wished it upon myself, and baby, that this was not a good time for another child.

And unexpectedly, I miscarried very early on in pregnancy.  I passed what looked like a tiny capsule a bit like a little space craft that would have been my babies home for the next seven months.  I was relieved.  I could get on with my life.  And so put this episode to the back of my mind.


Only years later the memories of that tiny little capsule kept coming back to me.  I had only shed a few tears at the time, more relieved than saddened. But from time to time I mused what my little girl might have been like.  How would my life have looked like.  Would things have been different?


Many years later when I studied near-death-experiences, I came across a couple who had experienced their child in spirit before its birth.  Fascinated, I listened to their stories, and the accounts, of other couples who had also experienced their child before they were pregnant.


In her books “Coming from the light”, We lived in Heaven”,  “Memories of Heaven”. Sarah Hinze;   The Author of these books includes several true-stories from parents regarding their pre-born child, and several accounts from their children.

Sadly Some babies only lived hours, but let their mothers know how grateful they were to be born.  Some died in the womb.  While others, like mine,  had to wait for another Mother to have them.

The research into this phenomenon was staggering.  From the children’s account they chose the parents. And their adopted parents. Often a Mother would see their teenage boy or girl in spirit form.  Prior to having them.


Sarah’s psychologist husband Brent Hinze, has also carried out extensive studies their combined 30 years research has been recorded in their several books.


I share this intimate episode in my life with you, as you may have found yourself in my position, or situation.  Know that God loves you, and you are precious in his sight, and understands the reasons why sometimes the timing, of our personal lives is not conducive to bringing a child into the world.  Often the spirit of the child decides not to go ahead, and we spontaneously miscarry.  I felt guilty for quite a while because I had wished my pregnancy to end.


After realising that everything happens for a reason.  I was able to forgive myself for those thoughts.  And properly grieve for not having the chance of having a fourth child.

I know that spirit world have a wider view of life, and that it is our intention, as to why we do things that matter.

I also have it on good authority, that abortion too, is understood. That the spirit of the child does not enter until either just before the child is born, or immediately afterwards.

Hence the softening on the crown of the head, known as the fontanelle, two little bones that connect the left and right hemisphere of the brain.  They fuse only as the child gets older.

We are all spirit whether you believe this or not.   We are all here to love ourselves, not selfishly, but unconditionally, as our little ones love us, and to love one another.  To serve one another the best way that we can.


  This brings true peace and happiness.


As adults we have so many distractions that we are almost consumed with next day, next week., next month.  We often put off our own good until….

Are you familiar with that phrase, thought?

I cant go and visit the dentist, have that Dr appointment, start that course, finish my education, thesis, or visit so, and so, until the chores are done, the house is in a mess and I have to tidy it,  the shopping needs doing, the laundry ECT, and so on.  We are just procrastinating and delaying our good.

The Gifts- Ask Maureen


We need to be more spontaneous and find joy in the now.  Because the present is a gift.  Right now, I pause to type I can hear a little black bird sing out, the water in my indoor fountain is trickling like a little stream, and I have playing softly in the background The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss 11.


I am reminded that Our Lord  Yeshua (Jesus) has told us not to worry about tomorrow, that today has enough troubles of its own. He tells us so many times do not worry, be not afraid.


How often then do we follow that good advice?


Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed by things, I have learned to take a break.

I step outside and feel the fresh air on my face.  If I can I take myself off for a walk then I do so.

Or just appreciate the birds in my garden, I listen to their chirping, check on my plants, perhaps watering them if need be, and take a few long breaths.


I have also busied myself by making a cup of tea.  Being mindful of the steps it takes to do this little ritual.  Soon the steaming brew calms me and once again my composure is restored.


If things get really bad, I have a favourite little affirmation that I say.  I’d like to share this with you now.


All is well, everything is working out for my highest good, out of this experience/situation only good will come, and I am safe and so it is”


So dear friends as always a little reminder to love one another and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Love and Light to you all.


Maureen x


PS our healing day is fast approaching:

Crosby Library 24th June 10am to 2.00pm

Everything is free.

We look forward to seeing you!


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