Chakras part 2

13 June, 2023

Chakras LifeBalance studio

Chakras part 2- We don’t talk about Chakras – LifeBalance


Summer is now falling at our feet.  For many of us, our gardens are now flowering.  Some of us have tended our gardens, some of us have not.  There are wildflowers all over the place but somehow the flowers open regardless.

Much of our current knowledge of chakras comes from the East but there must be a simple way to understand these?

There is, we only have to look at our gardens and the flowers that are around us.

We see many who get so fixed on these flowers that they forget so much.  It is alleged that a yoga pose can open a flower.  Is it really that simple?  As an example, we could be horrible, rude and nasty but doing a particular pose will open my flowers ?  What if we want to change our ways, can doing a pose open our flowers?  We really need to question some of what we are taught.

We will put it in some simple words.   A flower will always open when it has what it needs.  A flower will open when it has the right amount of Light.  When the time is right.  If we want to change using the above gardening knowledge, are we looking in the wrong place for change? 

It would be helpful if our readers clicked the following links to supplement their knowledge.

Understanding the Iris

More Lessons from the Iris

We must not forget yoga is an expression to bring balance and harmony with our true selves.  Our spiritual selves, our true being.  The spirit within.  This Eastern system allowed the spirit to help change and influence our physical counterpart, but this was an older epoch.

Each and every yoga pose is nothing more than a thought.  A thought to bring around change.  An improvement, a refinement. A change in vibration.

The thing is, how it used to work is not how it works now.  Unless we begin to change the way we think, how we speak and how we treat others our flowers will never bloom.

To really tend our flowers our words, actions and deeds must be refined.

Our flowers are like our children. Think, what do they need to bloom? To Shine?

We wish you all unity with your spirits.


Tomorrows garden

Our next Day of Healing is on the 24th of June 10-2pm at Crosby Library.  For any that wish to know more about the topics we write then come along.  Those of us who may be a little lost and want change, come and speak with us.



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