Pigeon Swan Situation

6 June, 2023

pigeon swan situation

Pigeon Swan Situation – LifeBalance


When we look at something it changes! Today’s article will do the same.  When we think differently or learn to think differently, it changes things.  In life we can go through the motions using the same old thought patterns expecting different results.  Just imagine you are given a whole new set of thought poses that allows you to move through life easier.

In simple terms, thinking differently allows to deal with the tough times with better results.  We deal with things easier.

If we could turn on all our readers spirit vision, we would see all the disharmony we can create for ourselves.  We would then be better to navigate this which in return would help create more peaceful lives.  We would understand what we do to ourselves and others.  We would see the effects of our actions.

Yoga is a doorway; it is one of many paths.  If we look a little deeper, then the real gifts are a little further in.   The Yoga of Christmas.   It really is about being honest with ourselves.  This little sentence can unlock so much if we think about it.  Let’s start using our mind and yoga to make the changes we would like.

Top tip, get money and material things out of our heads.  A spiritual gift is spirit, being spiritual is acting, observing, imitating qualities and upholding laws.


Let us return to our title.  Pigeon swan situation.  To think differently we need to change a word.  We would like all our readers to change the word pose to situation.  We would also like our readers to contrast.  How many situations do we practice in a class?

How many situations do we go through in a day?  Take some time here and think about things.

When now applying some spiritual laws, we can see differently.  What situations are easy.  Which ones are hard.  Which ones take a lot of energy.  Can we think of situations that drain us.  Are there any situations that make us cry?

We will now think back to an earlier sentence.  OURSELVES in other words, how many “selfs” do we have.  This is important as will open other doors of thought.  We will start off.

I am a mum, dad, brother, sister, carer, boss, manager.  I am angry, happy, lonely, jealous, kind, helpful, deceitful.

Depending on how these “selfs’”, make us feel (again emotions) our yoga practice can be steered by not only thoughts, but our deeds.  We know this is quite deep but for now it is just good enough, just park it.  We will all remember when the time is right.

Many may not be aware but the lord of Yoga, lord Krishna came at a period of spiritual darkness, chaos.  He brought a system to connect to the light in a time of great difficulty.  His system was to initiate connection between humans and their spirits.

We have already written about how yoga connects us to our etheric body.  To communicate we must establish a connection.  However, it must be done safely and in the presence of the teacher.  We must be very careful here as we can put students in harm’s way. We need to know what self is teaching us.

This is why we will always guide students away from kundalini yoga.  Firstly, if those teaching us had raised kundalini, they would understand all that we have written.  Secondly if they had raised kundalini, they would not teach it.  We must also understand which “self” is teaching.

Be careful of what poses we put our students in.

Be careful of the situations that we can create for others,

they may not all be visible.


We wish you all unity with your spirits.

A few words from 2017 that may help. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/energies-emotions-and-yoga-p2/ 

Pigeon swan understanding:  Pigeon Swan Understanding


Our next Day of Healing is on the 24th of June at Crosby Library 10-am 2pm.  If you have had a strange experience during a yoga practice that you cannot explain, come and speak with us.


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