Pigeon Swan Understanding

1 June, 2023

Pigeon swan understanding

Pigeon Swan Understanding LifeBalance


Continuing on from our last article we would like of offer some other points for consideration.

We cannot force and should not force anyone to forgive.  It is better if we find it ourselves.  Some of us have been exposed to horrors, atrocities, and abuse that no one should suffer.  Yes, we may ask our children to say sorry, as co-workers or friends, but if it is forced then is the sentiment really there?

This is why the path of forgiveness is so difficult.  It is individual.  We may be able to forgive one over another or have things that we cannot forgive.  It is important to think about that because if we forgive it doesn’t mean we forget.

Speaking from personal experience it was only the knowledge of the spirit world and spiritual laws.  Seeing how our actions, thoughts and feelings return to us and cause more pain, that allowed me to change my position.

Forgiveness needs to be practiced.

Many physical problems can be alleviated by knowledge of the spirit.  Many may not be aware, but yoga has a function of connecting the physical body with the etheric body.  Many physical troubles can be overcome by knowing spiritual laws and practicing them.

If we have knowledge, understanding and connection to spirit then what we see is very different.  Hence the reason our understanding of yoga is different.  The understanding we have regarding the pigeon and swan is also unconventional.

Let us for the moment look at a name.  It allows us to identify something.  It allows us to remember a certain set of parameters connected with that name.  Especially poses!  This being said the name we use to identify may be given to help us realise something.  The pose may carry the essence of a spiritual quality regardless of name.

Looking at the poses, pigeon and swan it would be interesting to associate the word harbinger.  This small word explains why there is so much crying with these poses.

So why is this important to forgiveness.  If we give some information without context or understanding the meaning can be lost.  If we are shown a path, then we may see the connections ourselves.

The word harbinger.  Birds are always associated with messages, but many harbingers seem all doom and gloom. What messages are the pigeon and swan bringing?  However, there are a lot of spiritual lessons because of what a harbinger is alerting us to.

If we trace the word harbinger back to its Root.  We find that its association is with the word harbour.

We need to be aware of the thoughts that we harbour.

Many of us forgive when another is sorry or demonstrates being sorry.  What if that sorry never comes or they are not. We have then allowed an outside force to control our happiness, our peace.

Unfortunately, forgiveness or lack of it can come hand in hand with anger.  We have to be aware of the cycle that will take place if we are not careful.  Yoga works on unseen spiritual forces.  We must also be aware of how anger can lead to hatred and the invisible sequence we are creating.

What thoughts do we harbour from lack of forgiveness.  Let’s be honest with ourselves?

If the pigeon and swan were called the “dove pose” it may be easier to understand.  Maybe the quality, is what it is, but the name helps perform the pose.  How many of us would do a forgiveness pose?  Yoga is also there to help us spiritually evolve, to stretch our minds.

Pigeon Swan Understanding-LifeBalance

It takes a lot of energy not to forgive but equally the pain may be insurmountable depending on the reason.  Forgiveness is a great spiritual leveller in the fact that it frees us from karmic connections to those who have hurt us.  These unseen connections can cause so much extra pain which some poses make worse.  We can actually attract unfruitful qualities.

Until we forgive, we are still attached to the perpetrator.  The situation, event or reason continues to drain us.  It can be used by negative spirits to interfere, twist, and infuriate our minds.  Negative thought, negative feeling, negative emotion. It’s goal of causing us pain to where we lash out with our claws, beaks or thought.  All the more dangerous as we do not see what we are doing to our own vibration.

Forgiveness severs that connection; we break the cycle of negative interference.

The thoughts we harbour are significant during our practice because of what we can attract.  This is why we always say, set your intention and have a good old stretch.  However, we always see adverse effects.  We know because we have seen many in our healing sanctuaries over the years, restoring and removing.

So where does forgiveness connect to the pigeon and swan?

Pigeons and swans are intelligent. Their way of showing emotions is very different to humans.  Many birds demonstrate emotion through pose.  One thing that both birds have in common is their ability to remember who has mistreated them.  Shown aggression and tried to hurt them.  Any thoughts yet?

Is it possible that these poses force us to remember or is the pose interfering with something in our minds.  Is it time to let go of something, to forgive and free ourselves from the karma that surrounds.

Or is there more to this, have we upset our balance?  Be careful what we identify with as it may not be what it seems. Be careful of what yoga we practice.  We need to understand the elements of the pose and how and why they affect us.


We wish you all unity with your spirits.


  • Harbinger-a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.


For any that have questions we suggest attending our next Day of Healing where you can ask all your questions.  The next event is at Crosby Library on the 24th of June, 10-2pm.


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