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3 October, 2017

Good morning everyone,

We will continue with our topic today and share some points for us all to look at.

Namaste- The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.

How much do you buy in to it ???  If we teach yoga philosophies then we need to teach the other effects of yoga and not just what we can recycle from the internet. Remember yoga is part of a system to find union with the divine. Samadhi!  So, what about the other parts/limbs.  If I am undertaking a practice that effects the physical body and creates changes on the inside are we in a non emotional state and have we prepared the body for these changes ?

If we just want to have a good old stretch and improve our fitness then great and there are many good teachers who do this. This being said, those of us who teach philosophies must understand the effects on the inside or our spirit. Namaste. Do we really believe Namaste or is it a gimmick to us.

Make no bones about it, yoga effects the spirit that is within which can effect our emotions. Yoga in the East is very different from here in the West. Why is that….. Yoga’s primary function is to help find the light that is within, the stretching is an added bonus.

We hear a lot about emotion being stored in the body, really ? Have we got that right or is a way to understand, lets say shells of the body.  We have a physical body, elemental and emotional body and a few more which we will not discuss today.  I know many of you know the others as we have spoken about them.

All of these shells are there for a reason- what is each shell for- ask your teacher!  How does each shell effect your practice ? I am going to keep this very simple.  Lets think about the things we do outside of the studio that have a negative effect, drinking, recreational drugs, gossip, lies, selfishness, materialism, immoral behaviour and the ego to name a few.  Now how does that effect the emotions when we come into the studio.  Its all there in the other limbs !  Here in the west we seem to forget about that but then come to studio and think we are releasing emotions when we are actually making them worse for ourselves !

So lets just look at this again.  We are taking a religious practice to help find Samadhi then putting negatives into our bodies or taking part in them.  This will have a detrimental effect.  So what about the emotional scars that we carry, how does this work with yoga, pregnancy, mental state, depression, we will save them for another day…Yoga is not just one limb.

I recently attended a yoga workshop where the teacher spoke about all the limbs and it was lovely to hear, the humble nature of the talk, devoid of ego and the understanding of how the limbs cultivate us.  We all want to find the peace that is within but first we need to know what aggravates our practice and how our own actions are inflammatory to our yoga practice. Remember what we send out comes back double.

The real self is self less.



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