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4 October, 2017


Good morning everyone,

By now I am quite sure I have created many emotional responses to my posts ! This will become apparent a bit down the road so please be patient.

When we teach/write it is very important we give the whole picture.  The reason for these posts is for us to allow us all to make our own decisions.  It is important that you know, even if you don’t believe, that you know all sides of the story.  If you do not buy in to the yoga philosophies that is fine, and you enjoy yoga for its health benefits – great.  However, you may not buy in but there are many changes taking place to that which is within you.

The reason why we are discussing emotions- and why it is such a volatile subject is because things happen that we do not get a proper answer for.  I am not here nor want to change anyone’s beliefs but we all must be aware of the effects.  How many of you have had emotional effects that last longer than the class????

Lets imagine our children come home crying from school.  As parents we would want to know why.  If they told you they were just releasing emotions would you be happy with that?  Now this happens week after week after week.  Would you still be happy or would you want to speak to the teacher?  Being told to stop yoga is not a great advertisement.  We need to address the cause! Or at least what is going on.  To really explain we need to introduce some other concepts- which many of you will just laugh at- but hold on. We know that yoga can help us in moving forward to enlightenment and Samadhi – so why are these laws so strange to us ! Don’t worry we will not introduce them today.

So lets think about this.  2+2=4 a mathematical equation that is not a physical thing ( you cant touch taste or smell it but it is there.)  What has this got to do with yoga?  A lot ! Before we were taught maths at school 2+2 =4.  We did not know it but it was there. Before we were were born the same mathematical law existed.  Before the earth was created 2+2=4 it was there so just because we don’t know it is there it doesn’t mean it does not exist- it just needs to be found.

So how does yoga change us, where do these invisible changes come from ??? What is going on ????  Why does hip opening cause so many emotions, this is key, but also very misunderstood.  Now who do we blame, very interesting ! “but I am not interested I just want to do Yoga”.  Again very interesting- we will come back to that ! But just so we can all do a bit of research.  I will cover the Bhagavad-Gita religious teachings and differences in Prantanjali’s teachings.

It is well known to those who suffer from PTSD that physical pain can induce periods of mental trauma, I am going to use the word trigger not release. We can also see this in our PT sessions under stress and physical pain.  Emotions are there to control. Are you controlling the emotions or are they controlling you!  What is your mood like for the next few days after hip openers? Lets just look at this, so a physical pain can induce a mental pain, now is this a memory or an emotion stored in the body. MMMMM  The plot thickens ! When we are emotional it upsets the balance, we can not think the same, we act different, our vibration changes.  What ! Vibration- what is this crazy talk! Now we go back to energies- where do these energies that give us enlightenment and Samadhi come from……

I know this is very different to what we have all been taught. I hope that we have given you plenty of food for thought.  The answer is in our goodbye. To all those who have asked to be added to our mailing list this will be done today.  Please share this post if you if you like it and even if do not then think about the words.  We will be discussing vibrations at a later date but to help us on our way, think about how we watch telly- the eye receives a picture and sends a vibration to our brain! What could possibly go wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.

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