Energies, Emotions and Yoga P4

7 October, 2017

Good Evening everyone,

Namaste- The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.

I am hoping now that some of us are starting to see there is a lot more to our yoga practice than what we read and see on the internet.  We have discussed crying but how many of us have felt anger while on the mat ? How many have had an unpleasant thought or picture pop into the mind.  We believe that yoga brings us stability but how many of us have felt unstable, the emotions have been that antagonised it takes a couple of days to leave ! If yoga is so good for us then why can some off us feel so upset ?

Would we allow our partners to cause us pain or “release” emotions for 2 days ?  I think not ! What is really going on – we need to understand this at a deeper level.

“I am not interested – I just go for yoga…..” If we are not aware then that is not our fault hence the need for education. If the failure is our own then, if we suffer, it is down to us and we carry on – on the hamster wheel!  I am quite sure one of the important parts of the limbs is to reduce spiritual ignorance (Avidya).

Namaste- The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.

Lets look at the word Limb. There is more to it, a lot more to it…. moving forward I will give it another name to help explain.  We are given many conflicting ideas on the western yoga scene, it has become about the material than a practice of all 8 limbs to find union – Samadhi – The Kingdom.  We need to understand who influenced Pantanjali, where did he get his knowledge from, was his knowledge heard or remembered when passed down- who knows. Or maybe, this is out in left field now- It came from within….???

I also wonder are these westernised, material and ego driven conflicting ideologies interfering with us and our practise?  Are we following the instructions right? Has something been lost or misinterpreted? Is there something missing…..? If we believe performing a pose can help us reach Samadhi we need to know why it can cause us so much pain.  Releasing emotions just wont cut it.  How many times have we seen people leaving our studios in tears ! Our are emotions controlling us or are we controlling them. 

Don’t worry I will discuss meditation but this is a long long way down the line with charkras and auras.  If we are teaching philosophies or telling people to open up then we need to understand on a deeper level what can go wrong and provide the guidance and teaching so our students and class mates do not cause pain unnecessary to themselves or to suffer ourselves.

So going back to how we watch television. Every single thing in this universe is a vibration or an atom. If you don’t believe me ‘google it’ but science can never explain the spirit that is within- Namaste.  Vibrations are also energy, some of us can see them but most of us can’t.  These vibrations have certain effects, well lots actually but some can have an extreme effect on the emotional body.

So to all those teachers who have shared their knowledge with me, I say thank you and I agree if you do not read the instruction manual properly then we only have ourselves to blame, but we must also have the trust in our teachers even though we learn more when we get it wrong. But what if our manuals are incomplete then where do we find this knowledge – Namaste ! Getting the jist yet?!!

I am going to leave emotions open ended for now, there is a reason and all will become clear, but not just yet and when we next write we will talk about child’s pose and give you a different take on it- nothing about stretching,  but to do it I am going to have to use the Gospel of Thomas and introduce an understanding- this will make us think about the written teaching of Pantanjali and how to learn more from them.


The spirit in me acknowledges the light in you


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