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Day of Healing June 24/23

16 June, 2023

Day of Healing June 24/23 LifeBalance

Day of Healing June 24/23

A few words from John reminding all about our Healing Day.  If any have questions pop in, see what we are about and what we do.  Please share these posts with any that may need a friendly ear, advice, strength or support.  Everyone is welcome.  See you there.


For more information please click on the following links.  All the articles on the website or Instagram are written by the team.

Day of Healing June 24/23

Healing Days

Hypnotherapy – Paul Brennan

Maureen Koyne

John Fairbrother-Concordia Clinic, Liverpool

Reiki Healing – Reiki Rach

Sign with Alan

Paper Butterfly – Dionne Ward

Yoga and Pilates Sessions with Lisa

What is Spiritual Healing

Crosby Library:


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