Mother Ukraine

8 June, 2022


We have written on many occasions regarding the power of symbols and what they represent so we thought we would introduce to you a symbol that many not be aware of.  We would like to share some spiritual understandings and the love that this symbol carries.  Mother Ukraine, the feminine principle, the mother land, the goddess of the hearth, the guardian of the flame or in simple terms our heavenly mother.

A yoga pose is nothing more than a symbol, but Mother Ukraine, when we know her and find her can help us all, regardless of where we are born, what beliefs we have and what we are going through, when we find Mother Ukraine we are embraced and strengthened.  Mother Ukraine loves all her children and wants the best for us, and when we can find the feminine principle we can make better decisions, she shows us a better way, she protects and consoles.

In the past we have discussed how a mothers love still protects her children after death.  In our understanding once a mother has returned home, their spirits still protect their families.  This is where we will begin our story but first, we will share an understanding so we can interpret in a different way or for us yoga practitioners, to look through the pose.

A mother land is not about being controlled; a motherland is living in the love of the mother.

Before we begin to explain this, we need to go back in time, and we will share some connections but also the dangers of supressing the feminine energy that we all carry.  It is better for all of us if there is a balance between the masculine and the feminine as appose to one dominating the other.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to visit Kiev will see Mother Ukraine overlooking the river Dnieper, but symbolically the real Mother Ukraine symbol is in Maidan square or known as the independence monument.  If we look closer, we can see her pose is that of a sun salutation, we know this yoga pose as “The Tree of Yeshua”.  However, it must always be remembered,

From the Mother comes the Son/Sun

If we look back further, we see Mother Ukraine as the goddess Bereginia, a Slavic deity, the protector, the hearth mother, the mother of the home, the protector of the flame.   Bereginia or Berehynia as she is known, our heavenly mother opens up the understanding of truth and divine light, divine wisdom of the feminine which has been carried throughout time. To connect to our matriarch, we must learn about her, a salutation or acknowledgement is not enough, male or female once we connect, we know that we are never alone, never forgotten and our loved ones are cared for in the physical or when in spirit.

Our Heavenly Mother, Goddess Bereginia, Mother Ukraine has other names, but the love and knowledge she brings has been there since the beginning of time.  The Greeks knew her as the Goddess Hestia.

We see the same light and wisdom carried by Mother Ukraine by the goddess Hestia.  It is important to understand the links and how important the home and family are to the feminine principle, not acknowledging the feminine (Hestia) was seen as a political and religious failure in ancient Greece.  There is more to this but if you have read our other articles this will point in the right direction to help all our readers to understand.

The understanding of the goddess of the Hearth, let’s say the goddess of the heart for now, we have to recognise the importance of the flame and for that we need once again to look back to the Zoroastrians and the teachings of Zarathustra.  It must be a coincidence (not) that in Zoroastrian temples the sacred flame never goes out, the flame is always tended, the warmth of the hearth, the love of the heart is always there.  See any connections yet.  To explain the flame, we need to consider why all these feminine aspects have protected the sacred light, the warmth of the son, the divine light.

Remember from the mother comes the son!

From the mother came Sophia.

From Wisdom comes salvation.

For the understanding of the flame, we suggest our readers look at Luke 3:16 or Matthew 3:11.  We will talk about these connections more on another occasion as this subject warrant’s further explanations and will reveal many insights.

Taking all of this into consideration, we see the same truth running through all understandings, the love of the mother protects all her children, she protects the divine flame in each and every one of us, she makes our homes a place of love but one of the most important gifts that Mother Ukraine gives us, is her wisdom.

 We know Mother Ukraine by another name, her name is Sophia.

Sophia the wisdom of God,

the Peace maker, from the Mother comes the Sun.

From the Hearth comes the Flame.

The truth of the matter is, that wisdom is feminine, it is a divine gift from God the mother, our Heavenly Mother, the feminine quality in both male and female.  We are a product of our fathers and mothers are we not!  Sophia has her place in all our hearts, when we embrace Sophia we think better, when we tend the flame, we act better, we use her wisdom to improve our lives, she guides us to keep spiritual laws but above all else she loves us, and her invisible wisdom and energy guiding us to a better way, better thinking, better decisions, better actions.

“Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God”.

When we look at the real meaning of Sophia or when we begin to look at things, what we thought we saw then changes.  When we open our minds and hearths (yes hearth or heart) we will always understand things in a different way.  The flame is the child which is incubated in the hearth, from the mother comes the son, the son comes with love, the mother tends the flame, the mother loves the son.

A mother land is a land which is governed by love, faith and hope, guided by the daughters of wisdom, the land of Sophia.

We all have free will, it is up to ourselves if we listen to our mothers,

If we listen to Sophia.

We do not believe in coincidences and unknown to many, Kiev is a very special place, for many they can feel the beauty of Sophia, we see this reflected in Ukrainian poetry, the creative energy of Sophia.

For our readers who practice yoga we will now share a few more connections to build on what we have discussed over the last couple of years.  Mother Ukraine, Our Heavenly Mother, The Divine Feminine, Sophia has another symbol.  We have discussed this on many occasions, the wisdom of the mount the mountain pose.  We see the mountain pose in many places and once we show you, you will see the presence of our Heavenly Mother everywhere.


There are never coincidences, just points of connections. In Kiev, we have the most beautiful of Churches, one being the Church of St. Michael’s, opposite to this is the Cathedral of Sophia, the wisdom of God.  We now have this question to ask our readers.


Why do we see The Yoga mountain pose outside the doorway of St. Michael’s?

The symbol of Peace within?

To answer the question.  It is very simple, Michael is pointing the way, he is the flame in the hearth, he is telling us of his Heavenly Mother, to find Sophia, to be guided by her and her daughters, to always have faith, to have hope and to love.

Be guided by wisdom to find the light that is within, find your flame that is in the hearth,

And with that flame comes the mother, Wisdom, Sophia.

And with Sophia comes Peace.


We wish you all unity with your spirits.

For those of our readers who would like to know more about this topic, think back to something we wrote a few months ago.  Why is Constantinople important for our Yoga practice?

We will give you a clue.

Hagia Sophia.

Please like and share and always ask questions! if you wish to know more about this topic come and see us on our next day of healing

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