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1 July, 2022

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome to July. 

It is nearing the end of June as I type this article. 

We have just completed our first day of healing held at Crosby Library in Crosby Liverpool.  A successful day all round, and one blessed with many people receiving the healing they sought. 

So successful, that Lisa is planning another in three months’ time.  We will be sure to give you plenty of notice so that you do not miss out on the next special event. 

Talking of special events, my Grandson Ry Ry, who has downs syndrome has just celebrated his last year at college and had his Graduation leaving ball.  A great time was had by all who attended.  He now goes on to a new venture  in the Autumn. 

 Graduation balls are being held all over the country as our teenagers end one era of education to go onto another new era of education, or apprenticeship. 

This brings to mind, how some sages, and spiritual teachers and guides have expressed how our own spiritual journey is a graduation process. 

We as spirit are born as infants into our families, we learn from our parents, siblings, and other significant others, how to behave, respond, and express ourselves, what is acceptable, or unacceptable behaviour depending upon everyone’s own standards and upbringing. 

We call this socialisation.  How to get along with others in a peaceable way, and to conduct ourselves in an acceptable fashion. 

We graduate through kindergarten, to junior school, senior schools, colleges, and further education. 

Our universities will be full of freshmen and women come the fall all hopefuls with ideals and ambitions for their future. 

Secular work, and promotions, families, and responsibilities, will all come their way. 

We parents and grandparents will try and steer them in the right direction and help as much as we can.  As any mother whose adult child is in Uni will testify, they bring their washing, their appetites, and their troubles back home with them at the end of each term. 

And we are grateful that we are still needed! We send them back restored replenished and with a sigh of relief, and yet a pang of loss as they return to their studies. 

Just as they are learning we too learn about letting go and the empty nest syndrome. 

We ourselves may take up part-time work, or continue to develop latent talents and skills, like art, dressmaking, baking, become an entrepreneur. 

We too are going through a graduation process.  

Spiritual advancement comes with lessons learnt through the mistakes we have made.  We learn that man cannot live on bread alone but are replenished by the word of God. 

  Anyone who reads St Johns account in the bible can find the way to the truth.  For Jesus tells his disciples and us that He is the way the truth and the life:  Our Lord Yeshua is the greatest of all teachers for he has not only shown us the way but has given us the handbook so that we can follow him. 

I recently came across a beautiful reading of St John’s gospel narrated by Sir David Courtney Suchet CBE, famous for his portrayal of Agatha Christies Poirot. He brought this account of Yeshua so alive for me.  Truly splendid I heartily recommend listening (I listened over a couple of days so enthralled by his voice) 

Yes, we graduate through this life through our spiritual life.  The lessons we have learnt we try to pass onto our loved ones, so that they may avoid the pitfalls we have made.  But as my lovely Gaelic Irish Grandmother Catherine would say” tis a pity you cannot put an old head on young shoulders,” 

As we age, we grow in wisdom.  Wisdom is a great gift so you Grandmothers and Grandpa’s out there please remember this, our Grandchildren cherish our memories and stories, just as the elders in the tribes of old passed down knowledge, we as elders of excellence can pass down our wisdom and knowledge, and God knows our youngsters need all the help they can get these days. 

Enjoy your summer holidays everyone, and the recent sunshine, heatwave we have been having. 

Until next time dear friends be kind to one another.  And remember a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Until next time love and light and peace to you all 

Maureen x 




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