Reiki Rach – June – Pearl

4 June, 2022

Pearl June

Reiki Rach – June – Pearl

If your birthday is in June then your birthstone is PEARL.
I have to say I do love pearls. They seem to have mystical energy. That may be because when I was little my mum told me mermaids wore them in their hair but still I think there is something magical about them. They are formed inside oyster shells and can be found in an array of colours; black, grey, pinky, white and yellowish. They are commonly found in China and Japan.
The pearl is known for harnessing feminine energy and can help ease pain during childbirth and menstruation. It can also be used to help with fertility.
If you are suffering with digestion issues and bloating this gem will aid in bringing comfort and ease to your digestive system.
Pearls bring wisdom, purity and focus to the mind. They can enable you to gain control of your emotions and calm irritability.
If you are wanting to grow spiritually but are struggling with your faith then by using pearl you can bring inner knowledge and wisdom to the forefront  enabling you to move forward in your spiritual practice and grow in faith.
My hope for you this June is that you have the wisdom needed to grow.
Peace, Love and Harmony
Reiki Rach x
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