Absence of Hope

2 July, 2023

Absence of Hope LifeBalance

Absence of Hope


Where is my sister.  She cannot be found.  It is I, who cannot see.

The I is not me.  I am separated by the witch of Despair.

I have been dispaired. This is what the witch wants me to believe.

She hides my sister.

The spirit within separated from the physical.

The witch cries “nothing can help you”

But my sister, my loving sister shouts, I am coming hold on.

She battles for me, she is not alone, Faith and Charity stand on either side.

In our moment of suffering, she lifts us up.  She speaks. I will never ever leave.  We will never leave you.

Ask and it shall be given.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and it will be open unto you.

We are your gifts.  We are part of you. We are bound to you.

The witch tries to make us feel otherwise, to keep us dispaired, separated from our sister. Alone.

But the witch fears Hope, her ray of light opposing dispair.

For where there is hope, there is repair, there cannot be despair.


Absence of Hope


Healing Days



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