Pilates or Yoga

11 November, 2023

Yoga or Pilates

The light within

Pilates or Yoga

We thought today we would share some insight into Pilates.  For those who practice yoga, pilates should be considered.  There is a huge spiritual mechanism with pilates.  We would like to share some knowledge, so we can look at our pilates practice a different way.  We could then look at our yoga practice and compare and contrast.


It is always important to nourish, mind, body and soul.  What many do not consider is that the soul is nourished by spirit or spiritual knowledge.  The spirit is of God as is the soul, so, they need the right food.  This is why yoga makes us feel good, but also pilates.

For some, their path is yoga and for some pilates, for others it is both. However, those that understand both will benefit greatly with union/yoga or yoking.  Understanding pilates also helps understand some of the negative aspects of incorrect yoga.

For those of our readers who get weepy and cry during yin, we would suggest doing pilates to offset and counter uncontrolled emotions.  We cannot blend paths, the way of the warrior is not the same path as the way of the yogi.  The discipline of martial arts is a different road, but when understood in a right way can lead to union/yoking.  Trying to walk 2 paths at once will cause much turmoil.

By now those reading will know that we are talking about the spiritual aspects, the mechanics behind the poses and positions.  We know much about the physical aspects:   https://www.verywellfit.com/pilates-posture-check-2704573

We will ask our readers this question.  What is the goal of pilates?

To strengthen the core, to improve health and wellbeing.

Strengthen the centre.

We will ask everyone to think about the those few lines above.  To strengthen the core, the centre.

To feed the soul.

What many have probably never considered is that with pilates we are strengthening the light that is within.

How can we say this with such conviction?  When we connect with our own spirits, when we can understand spiritual mechanics, we see things in ways others cannot, until we teach them.  Those of us with clairvoyant abilities, sensitivities will observe what is taking place when shown.

What are our true intentions?

This is why yoga can cause so much trouble for those who are unaware, not realising that energies are being created, telling people to open this chakra or do this, is so dangerous.  This is why we always say to set your intentions for a good old stretch only.  We all know the hassle when our hoovers suck something up they should not have.

Pilates is different, we are not opening ourselves up to other energies but working with ourselves, (we still apply spiritual safety). We are not trying to expand our minds, consciousness or heighten but rather work and prepare what we already have.  We all carry the light within.  When we find it and feel it, nothing can shake us.

We will again contrast here to yin.  Yin creates unseen energies, most of the students have no ability to control what is being created nor are they even aware of what they are doing.  Yin is a blending of 2 different streams of energies, thoughts and influences.  A little background reading here will help.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/energies-emotions-and-yoga/


These energies stimulate the emotional body and bang the tears begin to flow.  A warrior must have control of their emotions, can we see the conflicts beginning to arise?  There is no consideration of masculine and feminine bodies and how these different energies effect, change and influence our thoughts and mindsets.

Pilates from a spiritual perspective is preparing the way. It helps build the vessel that can weather any storm.  Many of us have no interest in religion.  There are many that have no beliefs but still practice pilates and yoga.  However, taking the above statement into consideration, those people are still being spiritually fed by pose or spiritual mechanics.

Here at LifeBalance we must be very careful of what we share because of the dangers of misuse or misinterpretation. Crying is not good, why would we choose to get emotional and for no reason? To unbalance or upset ourselves.  If for one moment we could turn on all our readers clairvoyant sight, we would see what is going on and have the big “OH” moment. I get it now!

We would then understand the importance and reason for pilates to help us cope and deal with emotional change at a minimum.  If there is any of our readers dealing with uncontrolled emotions, then try pilates.  If we are battling emotions, low self-esteem and it swamp us – Learn to strengthen the light that is within.

Remember, what we have shared today is only an outer teaching, there is more!

If you wish to know more about these subjects, then please get in touch or speak with Lisa.  You can find Lisa at Absolute yoga where she teaches.   Our next Day of Healing is on the 6th of January 10am-2pm at Crosby library followed by a 6-week block of self-healing classes.  If you need someone to speak to or are struggling with something, come and speak with us.  All help on the day is given free of charge.  Come for a cuppa and homemade piece of cake.

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