The reality of yoga part 6

27 December, 2022

the reality of yoga part 6

The reality of yoga part 6 

Yoga for tomorrow. 


There are many that do not believe in reincarnation and there are many that do.  If you do or if you don’t believe, it doesn’t matter.  To round up this year’s yoga articles we will plant the seed for the new year.  As always, although each of the team’s articles are independently written they all have many connections.  For us here, reincarnation is as natural as waking from sleep.  As Lisa has explained in her gardening articles, the garden, our plants they never die, they have just gone into hibernation, with unseen spiritual and elemental energy there to see for those of us who have the ability. 

This article is written for those who do believe in reincarnation and want to understand a little better on how this interacts with our yoga practice.  Maureen has written on numerous occasions about near death experiences and those who have seen what lays between the point of death and rebirth, or for our gardener’s hibernation and rebirth. 

The Sap has to rise, the Spirit has to rise.  

The focus in the West is more a physical practice, the practice in the East is far different, it is a way of life.  We will cover this more when we discuss the swan and pigeon poses.  Again, we can look to the garden regarding the cycle of life.  As winter comes, or in our physical life, our golden years.  As the leaves fall off the tree or our bodies become old and worn out, the process of death or change moves forward. 


We need to ask a few questions, we need to know what to pack for our onward journey, what can we take, what will be helpful? 


The benefits of yoga are well documented and each year they find more and more ways it helps the physical body.  How many of us know why this happens?  Why does standing in a certain position help or in other words why does mimicking a symbol help create change? It is quite simple, but it is not taught.  This now leads us on to where we will begin our article and we still with a question for us all to ponder on. 


Does my yoga practice carry over into the next life? 


In truth, nothing in our lives is ever wasted when we look from a perspective of experience.  This being said the physical attributes of yoga may not, there are also aspects that effect our tomorrow that we may not even consider or be aware of.  What are our intentions for our own yoga practice? Or what directions do we want our practice to move in, health, beauty, ego, competition, self-help, self-development, exercise are a few reasons, but how many of us who practice actually want UNION, YOKE, to connect to the divine, to connect to the spirit within? How many of us by our own actions, deeds and selflessness wish to create our tomorrow by improvement of self through yoga. 

Ask yourself this, will standing in a warrior pose create the tomorrow that we want or improve our life? 

The answer is NO, but if we apply the mental and spiritual qualities, 

not only are those qualities and lessons held in the soul.  The teachings can create the peace that we seek. 

 The soul quality can be retained into our next life. We must hold the pose, we practice the spiritual quality. 

We demonstrate the pose, we action the pose even when faced with pain and suffering.  


Our yoga practice influences the soul and the breath, the breath and the soul influence our yoga practice, to carry the light we must build a vessel that can hold it, that allows it to shine to our brothers and sisters.  When our own yoga begins to open spiritual sight, nothing is the same, pain is not the same, death is not the same.  What our yoga gives changes our today, our understanding of today improves, this changes how we look at tomorrow and how we interact with life. 


How we act today creates our tomorrow. 


As we move in to 2023, do we want a better life a peaceful life?  Are the things that we want out of reach.  Does our own yoga practice improve our tomorrow? Does it improve how we treat others? How we deal with tough situations? How we cope with death and illness? When we are battered from pillar to post and battle anger and bitterness.  

Does our yoga practice show us another path? A better path.  The truth, if we look at our yoga in a different way, a deeper way, then all that we need can be found.  We can share the peace that we find, we can be a beacon, a lighthouse, a candle.   As our lord Yeshua taught “the Kingdom is now”, or lord Krishna with his flute to create beautiful harmonies, vibrations.  We all have the ability to create, seek and ye shall find.   All that we need is here, we just need to pull back the layers, we do this by yoga, changing ourselves and allowing the light that we all carry to lead us into tomorrow. 


If you wish to know more about this topic and how it ties in with other article’s we have written, please visit us on our next

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From all of the team we wish all our readers a very happy and peaceful new year 

and we look forward to seeing you on the 14th


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