Yogic lessons. Krishna’s flute

29 December, 2022

Yogic lessons. Krishna's flute

Yogic lessons. Krishna’s flute

Looking at yoga through a physical lens will always hide many of the lessons.  If we are talking pictures, then we need to be able to interpret the whole picture.  The flute is just another part of the puzzle.

The flute can be broken down in to several different lessons, all will improve our yogic understanding and knowledge.  There are many connections which are not seen nor understood that would benefit us all.

How to use our articles for development

As we all know yoga is not the same for everyone, there are many different paths, different stages of life and different intentions.

For the last 2 years we have given many clues in our articles to aid, help and unlock some teachings to look at yoga differently, sometimes this knowledge allows us to see clearly and sometimes it makes us want to know more, to question, to challenge but most of all, to look through the pose.

Remember, looking at something changes it!

We would like to ask our readers to look at Krishna’s flute.  What does it mean to you? how does it connect to our yoga practice.   We would suggest 2 articles to help, yoga for tomorrow and drugs, yoga and quantum physics.  They can be found on the following link.

We will finish with something to think about.  When is a flute, not a flute- When it’s a Harp. Happy connecting!

If our articles interest you or you wish to know more, if you wish to know how to apply these teachings, then please get in touch or come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing”, at Crosby library on Saturday the 14th of January 10am-2pm.

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