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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- John Fairbrother, Concordia Clinic.

29 December, 2022

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) ?

When in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, you are breathing 95-98% oxygen (the air that we breath contains 21% oxygen). However, it is not this alone that increases the oxygen in your blood.

Hyperbaric means increased pressure. When in a hyperbaric chamber, the air around you increases in pressure. Your body adapts to this pressure by opening up the oxygen membranes to increase oxygen absorption. This, combined with breathing in 95-98% oxygen, massively increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.
Oxygen has one key role within our body… To activate the mitochondria within the cells in order to produce ATP, which is essentially our energy and ‘life force’. ATP enables our cells to function, to repair, and to regenerate. The more oxygen equals as greater production of ATP and better function and repair.
It is our haemoglobin within our blood that carries the oxygen molecules every cell in our body in order to produce ATP. Sometimes, the haemoglobin finds it difficult to reach some cells due to inflammation that occurs within the body.
When the body is flooded with oxygen, the molecules ‘overflow’ from the blood, and into the fluid that carries the blood, known as plasma. Once the oxygen is in the plasma, it can reach all of our cells much easier, and improve the production of ATP (energy) throughout the body.

When the body has an increased amount of ATP, the body’s metabolic rate increases, and the body’s cell repair and regeneration also massively increases, as does the production of Stem Cells.

There are many benefits from using HBOT such as: Injury recovery, Stroke recovery, Post surgery recovery, Concussion, Fatigue, Dementia, Brain trauma recovery.

 but it is yielding promising results for those suffering from long covid.  On top of this HBOT is being used to treat PTSD and depression.

It is well worth some research as you will find academic papers, trials and information which show promising outcomes.

If you wish to know more about HBOT then please get in touch with me or message the clinic,(you can  find our details on the contact page or via social media).  If you wish to speak to me in person I will be at the Life Balance “Day of Healing” on the 14th of January at Crosby Library 10am-2pm where I will be looking at your injuries, aches and pains, offering advice, giving short massages on affected areas and offering cupping.

See you then John



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