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Bottom of the Pot

5 November, 2022

Bottom of the pot meditation group

Bottom of the Pot Meditation Group

Sometimes we can feel like we are at the back of the queue, forgotten or sometimes we can think we are at the bottom of the pot.  We would like to share with you a little understanding from our travels.  We have been very lucky to spend time in Tehran and we have met some lovely people.

We would like to share their take on the “Bottom of the Pot”.

The Bottom of the Pot is the best bit.

If you visit any Iranian home or restaurant many people will ask for the bottom of the pot, typically a rice dish turned a lovely colour of gold, and highly sought after and extremely tasty.

This viewpoint has always stuck in our minds and demonstrates a great spiritual understanding.  In the new year we will be starting our

” Bottom of the Pot Meditation Group”.

Why are we doing this ?  Since starting our Healing Days, we seen the need to help those who feel forgotten, not appreciated, feel they have no place, not welcomed, lost, tired and sick of battling.

The class is for those who are fighting or recovering from addiction, those who battle suicidal thoughts or self-harm.  Those who cannot speak, trauma, PTSD, suffered abuse or suffer low self-esteem.  For those whose lives have worn them down.

Those who battle witches and demons or are in a dark place.

Those who work behind the scenes and do not feel appreciated, our care workers, nurses, fire and police services who feel burnt out, our soldiers.  Those who are lonely, grieving or so angry at what life has thrown at them or taken from them.

There are so many others that do so much but feel forgotten or feel at the bottom of pot.  This is your place, the class is open to all.

The focus of the group is to teach Self-Healing and to strengthen the light that we all carry within.

When we strengthen the light inside, the outside burdens, hardships and distress lose the capacity to inflict as much pain.


If you want to know more or know someone that this would benefit then please get in touch or message us on any of our social media.

Please share with any that may benefit.

If you wish to join us then get in touch or visit us on our next “Day of Healing at Crosby Library We will be adding dates to our events page.

You can also read the following article: https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/a-bumper-harvest/




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