A Bumper Harvest

28 September, 2020

A Bumper Harvest

A Bumper Harvest

There are so many spiritual benefits to yoga that many of us are not aware of.  These benefits are so important because they create change on the inside.  We can use our practice to help others.  Some of us may look like the happiest people in the world but for many this is not the case.

Regardless of the clothes we wear, the homes that we have, cars we drive or material wealth. Some can sit in a room full of friends and still feel the loneliest person.  Our self-esteem or self-worth can be shattered.  We can be a slave to other’s thoughts or our own, we can be angry at ourselves, others or things that life has thrown at us.

What about if we are happy and content, we are comfortable, have more than we need, our lives are calm and peaceful.  We can help our fellow man and woman, we do not mean materially or financially, we mean spiritually.


There are poses which collect, nourish and harvest.  But harvest what ???????????

When we move through our practice, we are creating energy, but certain poses have a very strong effect on the spirit within.

These poses harvest,                                            LIGHT.

In life we can visit or pass through some very dark times.  Carrying the light helps navigate, gives us peace, helps us battle and keeps our heads above water when we feel like we are drowning.

At anytime in our practice a very simple and fleeting thought can help ourselves and others around us, and that is.


“I share the light that I have harvested with those who need it”

What we send out, comes back double.




So next time your bent over to flat back, what is that pose doing,

Is our tree bent over? Are we sharing the low hanging fruit to those who can’t reach or symbolically are we sharing the light to those in need?  If this article sparks interest them come and share a class with Lisa https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/yoga-and-pilates-sessions-with-lisa/.  Our readers can also come and ask any questions on our “Day of Healing” https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/

A Bumper Harvest



See any similarities ?  Try this in your practice and place of practice, see the difference and feel the difference then all of us can have a bumper harvest and not just the few! For some more reading on this subject try the following posts.


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