The Good Samaritan

8 February, 2023

The good Samaritan ask Maureen

The Good Samaritan Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to February and an early Spring of new beginnings.


Christmas for us was such a special time when we came together as families and friends, many of us will remained with our families until  the New Years, and then reluctantly we returned to our daily routine and lives again.


Taking with us that cup of good cheer and kindness of family, childhood memories, of the Pantomimes we have enjoyed, and time spent sharing ourselves with parents, and significant others.


As winter slowly winds itself out, bear a thought of the many who live lonely and isolated lives.  In our busyness we can forget about those who may be stuck at home through bad weather, illness, or in a caring role that demands their energies and attention 24/7.  Let this be the time when once again we can bring Christmas cheer to our elderly neighbours.

Popping in to see if they need any shopping.  Sharing a cuppa and a few moments with them, is all it may take to brighten their day.

So many of our elderly people live alone.  They may be too proud to ask for help.  Never the less.  Let us be the first to hold out our hand of friendship.


Being a good neighbour is a special gift that you can give someone at anytime.  It is not based on birthdays, special occasions, or anniversaries.

Being the good Samaritan, to a stranger is also a gift.  Recently a young friend of mine had to pay a hefty train fine as she had forgotten to buy her ticket on line as she was late going to work.

She presented herself to the window of the train station at her destination and explained her circumstances, to the railway staff, explaining that she was just 50pence short of the rail fare.  Never the less they still fined her.  How much would it have cost them to put that 50pence in for her and show her kindness and compassion.  But no, she had to go through the humiliation of railway staff quizzing her and fining her.

The stress of it all made her feel quite ill for some time, as a consequence she found she could not concentrate on her work that day.

Her Dad had to pick her up from work as she had no means of returning home again.

The Good Samaritan Ask Maureen


Have we become so thick skinned that we have lost interest in helping out others?

I personally do not believe that we don’t care, I think that too often we are in far too much of a hurry to take the time out to help another.  Yet it is precisely that time that we need to stop and help as best we can.

This reminds me of an experiment that took place in a Christian Seminary, where lots of young people were studying to become ministers for the church. As they were hurrying from one exam room to another part in the building with just minutes to spare.  A cleaning lady lay on the floor her mop and bucket next to her.  Many hurried past her without a word.  Some shouted over ‘you” OK?” and carried on. Another said I will send help.  All had their mind on getting to the room in time to take the exam.

Interestingly the exam question was, what does it mean to be a good Samaritan.

Imagine their feelings at answering that question.

Only one person entered the room late, and took their seat.  Everyone turned round to see who it was, and were dumbfounded when they saw it was the lady cleaner now in cap and gown.

The students learned a lot that day putting something into practice is better than writing about it.

The steps to getting there are the qualities of being there.

The Good Samaritan Ask Maureen


So next time don’t shun the rough sleeper who asks for loose change.  Buy them a coffee or tea.  Give them a hot pastry or pie, if you think they will use the money for something else.  Give them the number of shelter, or just ask how they are.

Let us take the love, light, and the joy of Christmas into this new year, of new beginnings and let love light our way. Shalom dear friends.

May Gods blessings be with you.

And remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Love Maureen x


We are holding our fourth healing day on April the 15th in Crosby Library 10am to 2.00pm.  There is no charge for entrance, healing or any help given. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/events/


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