Who are your companions

8 February, 2023

who are your companions

Who are your companions-Yogic Lessons 2

This is a very interesting way of looking at things, but this will help all of us with our yoga.  As many of our readers know, much of what we write may seem cryptic, but it is meant to be like that for the moment.  Some of what we teach has to be done on a personal level, face to face and be present with the teacher.  We are not just working with the physical here!

When I started my yoga journey it was all about stretching and being supple, I was not concerned by chakras, mudras and all that malarkey.  I am still not because I know how it works, what it does, how it effects my spirit, my emotional body, my elemental body, my etheric body and the astral body.  I know how yoga can balance or unbalance an individual.

As I grew and developed, I began to have yoga (union). I started to see things in a new light, a different light, I understood things in a completely unique way not dependant on memory, books or what I had been taught.  I could not and do not look at yoga as others do.

It really does not matter where or why you start yoga, if you believe in the higher values or not as what we learn through yoga in this life may be there to help us in our next life, we may be creating the lessons which we will be worked through the next time we return to earth. Although the team have written and touched on reincarnation, we have not really discussed it in a yoga capacity- but do not worry it will come!

We will reiterate to all, if we use our yoga correctly it can help us more than just stretching, so if there are any of our readers going through a tough time, come and talk to us. Think of Yoga as a big medical box but we need to open it, inside there are poses, thoughts, concepts, vibrations, support, and healing, it is all there we just need to know how to use it.

This leads us on to today’s lesson.  Let us think on the word, “companions.”  For those with an understanding of the Islamic faith we may have heard stories of their prophet and his companions and accompanying him on his travels, recording all that he said and done.  There are however deeper meanings to the word and understanding of “Companions”.


The Question is, who are OUR companions and how does this relate to our yoga practice?


This really is an important question as this will influence our vibration, our energy and attract and influence good and bad energy, do not forget that not all negative energy is bad, but to much negative energy together can bring out negative traits in a person and influence a class or group in a bad way.

Let us think about our companions.  What do they teach us, what do they give us.  Are they positive or negative influences.  Are they kind, are they angry, do they back bite, gossip, or slander.  Do they build us up or put us down.  Do they criticise or support.  Do they challenge our thoughts, help us see good or bad in others.  Are they shallow, deep, materialistic, or spiritual.  Selfish or helpful, do they have a big ego, prideful, jealous, or humble and down to earth.  Do they make us laugh, smile, or inspire.  Very simply do they raise or lower our vibrations.  By now many of our readers after reading the above paragraph and thinking of those around us.

But here is the twist!

If we are looking at our friends and the people around us, we are now looking the wrong way.  We cannot always change those around us or external influences, it is not for us to change others.  What we can do is change ourselves, to improve ourselves and not let external influences affect us, to lower our vibration but instead raise our vibrations, to weather any storm.

We first look at ourselves

When we identify a weakness in another, there is a real possibility that we will bring that fault out in ourselves if we focus on it.  An example of this is calling someone a gossip or sharing gossip. This we can consider a low vibration as gossip hurts.  We have not only hurt another, but we have lowered our own vibration. There will come a point for many and that is that they wish to know more, to understand yoga in a different way.  If this is your first time reading one of our articles then we suggest reading, “envelope yoga”, on the website.

If we keep lowering our own vibration, we attract bad companions

We will explain.  When we talk of a low vibration, we talk of things that hurt, damage, or create problems for ourselves.  Like can attract like!  This is why when in a bad place, problems seem to keep rolling in.  This being said many of these problems, we create ourselves by bad companions or low vibrations.  This is why it is so Important to choose the correct pose when doing yoga, as the correct pose will alleviate many of these symptoms and causes of attraction.

Our yoga mindset is so important to the physical practice

We would ask all our readers to think about this as once we understand this concept, we will begin to question our poses and what we actually do in the physical practice.  Who are our companions?Who and what guides us?

Are we guided by

Kindness, compassion, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness

Patience, charity, hope, faith, love.

Are we blurred by anger, jealousy, hurt, lies, greed, lust, pride, judgemental, laziness, arrogant, sadistic, selfish.

 Or are we humble.

These are the true companions, they accompany us everywhere we go, how we think how we interact.  Question is, do we have good companions or bad, do we attract lower or higher vibrations?  What do we send out?

One of the reasons why our yoga cannot help us as it should Is because we do more to counter the good effects.  We can create that many low vibrations, that our yoga struggles to keep our head above the water.  However… we need to restore balance or to tip in good favour

There is a simple pose which can help with this, and once we unlock the method it creates change.  Reiki Rach in her post this month has written about harmony and vibrations.  She has also touched on 528Hz and the healing frequencies.  We can listen to it all day, but we can bring this into being for ourselves, we can create the geometry to induce this state, to create peace, love, and harmony- I wonder who has been teaching us that for the last few years? If you wish to know read Reiki Rach’s posts.

We know this pose as the Peaceful Warrior, the Humble Warrior, the Good Companion.

We have always told our readers that we would explain things in a unique way, even though many do not understand all at the same time, much must be taught face to face, we need to have keys to unlock certain teachings.  It is essential that we have the presence of the teacher.  We do suggest that our readers go back and reread the warrior series and see how much more they now understand.  Just as we can create Peace, we can also create the reality we wish to live in (we are not talking about money, wealth, or image) but to live in true abundance, peace, and contentment.  For those who this may interest speak to Lisa or join her in one of her classes.


How do we create the change?

First off, we must want the change, we are all at various stages but for those who are fed up, want to know more and wish to live in abundance, we must create.  We must look through the pose to the qualities that it gives.  How many of us wake up fed up, anxiety, worries and woes, stress, unhappy or sad.  If we want change, then we need to go back to basics and build new foundations.  We are creators and we can improve our conditions or situations.

We start by getting rid of those bad companions.

The companions that lower our vibrations, which create karma for us,

give us poor advice and cloud our souls,

create chaos, war, sadness, hurt and anger.


Find the Peaceful Warrior, the Good Companion,

Who protects, loves, and guides.


We wish you all unity with your spirits.


If you wish to know more about this topic or what we teach come and speak to us on the next “Day of Healing”.

10-2pm, Saturday the 15th of April at Crosby Library. Crosby Rd N, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 0LQ


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