February – Vibe.

6 February, 2023

February vibe

February – Vibe. Reiki Rach

Welcome to February. The month of LOVE. In January I shared that I will be focusing on energy this year so I thought I would start at the very beginning.  

What is energy? 

Well energy is defined as “The ability to do work” I find this absolutely captivating, especially when we think about it from a spiritual point. But we will get into that a bit later, so keep reading.  

What does vibe mean?  

Vibe is an abbreviation of vibration. It has been used since the 60s but has become increasingly popular over the past few years, being used by individuals as a way to describe an atmosphere or emotion.  

What is Vibration?  

Simply put vibration occurs when there is a back-and-forth motion creating movement. For movement to occur work has to be done 

For example, If you are in bed and want to get out you have to move to do so thus your body is doing the work (sitting up, swinging your legs round, putting your feet on the floor then pushing yourself up that’s all work. I know it is subconscious, but your body and brain are still working hard to do it).  

This back-and-forth motion or vibration creates energy. Now I am no scientist but what I do know is that everything has a vibration therefore energy is all around us and in us. So, when people say “we are energy” they ain’t lying. But what is amazing, well it amazes me at least, is that not only physical things have a vibration. Invisible things such as thoughts, feelings and words also vibrate and create their own energy. BOOM mind blown!  

If like me it’s easier for you to visualise that words have a vibration because it makes total sense, your vocal cords do the work by moving/vibrating to create a sound, a word. This makes sense, yes? Well, how is it that a thought can create a vibration? When we are thinking our brain is working very hard.

It is creating movement across synapses moving energy around the brain and creating a thought. This vibration is an energy and will radiate out as a thought. This is just one reason we need to learn to master our thoughts, but more about that in April’s blog. But essentially this is how thoughts and feelings although not seen create a “vibe”. This is why we need to protect our vibe, our energy.  

You may have heard people talk about energy vampires? If not they are basically referring to an individual who sucks all your energy from you and when you leave their company you feel totally drained. This is because vibrations like to meet each other. By this I mean energy will start to vibrate at the same rate or frequency. It’s how you tune an instrument. You can use a tuning fork to bring the instrument into alignment with the correct note.  

All this being said, if everything is vibrating surely that movement must create a sound, right? Correct! This is known as a vibrational frequency. Have you ever heard mushroom music? It’s extraordinary, so beautiful. Basically some genius (in my opinion) decided to record the vibration [energy] of a mushroom and they found that this made incredible music. I urge you to listen to it.  

February – Vibe. Reiki Rach

I guess what I am trying to show you is that everything in this universe has its own vibration/energy.  We all have our very own individual melody to play and that is beautiful and it is needed. Our vibration that we put out into the word matters. You matter! You are important and you play a role much bigger that you can even begin to imagine. Your energy will impact on many things, so it’s important that we look after ourselves and keep our vibe high.  

So, I ask you, is this all a happy accident? Is it all just a coincidence that these things happen?   

In my opinion no. To me this is proof enough that there is a greater power [energy] that has created this beauty.  

At the begging of this blog I told you the definition of energy, “the ability to do work”. When we think on that and apply it to our spiritual practice, or indeed any aspect of our life, it reminds us that to create a positive movement aka positive vibe, we have to do the work meaning to get the results we desire we need to be willing to put in the graft.  

My hope for you this February is that you can do the work required to raise your vibration and magnify your song that you are putting out into this world, and you begin to create a frequency that brings harmony, contentment and peace. 528Hz is a good place to start.  Try Youtube, the 528Hz frequency by DR. Leonard Horowitz.

Peace, Love & Harmony 

Reiki Rach.  

If you wish to know and learn more about how vibrations and energy work together then come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing, Saturday the 15th of April 10-2pm, Crosby Library.

If you would like to know more about vibrations, energy and healing then come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/

Our next event is Saturday the 15th of April, 10am-2pm https://www.sefton.gov.uk/schools-learning/libraries/your-local-library/crosby-library/

There is no charge for any help given on the day.

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