Instruction for change

6 March, 2023

instruction for change

As I sit here looking at our list for topics for discussion, each has its own way of looking at things differently.  These different perspectives aid in whatever situation we are going through.  If we can begin to look at a yoga pose as a perspective, each pose has different benefits.  Each pose can show us a different aspect of what we are trying to perform or do.   It is an instruction for change.  However, just like medication each pose has a contraindication that needs to be understood.

On top of this we need to understand what our own state of mind is.  Are we hurting, stable, humble, angry, intolerant or tolerant.  Are we recovering from injury or sickness, happy, chilled, relaxed, addictive or emotional.  This is a very important for our yoga practice as we may find certain poses more beneficial than others.  Reading some of Lisa’s posts on “Tomorrows Garden”, will help explain.

Instruction for change

The reason we share this is that we are all at different places on the path and how we look at things can be left field of our classmates.  Either way it does not matter.  Now if we are using yoga for self-improvement and to help us with everyday life and our own battles.  Then it is very important.

Just like our food, it’s time to study the label.

Think of our bodies as a machine, we would not put things in that cause it problems or made it sick and not to work properly.  ( We all need to take better care of our machines!)  Depending on where we are and what state we are in, we can give our machines the wrong pose.  Yes, the wrong pose.  This then interferes with the machine and can cause all sorts of outcomes. Very simply the wrong instruction.

When we are in the right pose – the helpful one.  The  instruction for change.  The one that relives pain, then this is good for our machine and helps to think better, the output is better, we feel better.  We suggest reading the article chess and yoga on the link.

Some questions to ponder for our readers to consider

 What if the yoga pose is giving the wrong instruction to the wrong place?

What happens if the pose is giving the wrong instruction to the right place?

What if the pose is giving the right instruction to the wrong place?

What happens then?

If we can share one thing that will help all our readers and that is to think, “what is the pose trying to tell me”’.  When we look at something it changes.  If we continue to apply Eastern philosophy to the western culture we may get confused and only use the envelope of the pose.

Our yoga practices begins way before the mat!

We will end with some points to consider.  Yoga is not just a physical practice, some students are more in tune that others, some feel the effects more than others. There are unseen vibrations and energy working to influence and change the individual.   Working on the emotional body, the elemental body and the etheric body.  It may help to read the reality of yoga series.


To finish let us think on this.  What if we are giving our machine the right pose/instruction but our lifestyle or minds counteract the guidance? A pose more than just a body position.

We have always taught the importance of setting our intentions before a class, that is for a good old stretch only  because unless we are aware we may not notice what is happening.

(Don’t forget a yoga pose is an  instruction for change).


If any of our readers wish to know more about these topics or how theses teachings can help us then please get in touch or come and chat on our next “Day of Healing”.

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