Envelope Yoga

22 March, 2021

Our Yoga poses do not need to be perfect.
What is our own yoga practice, is it in body, mind or spirit ?
Is our Yoga – Envelop?
Pose our physical practice.
Mind the understanding of the practice.
Spirit the application of the practice.
When we receive a letter through the post what is more important, the envelope or what is contained within ?
How many of us when we collect a letter from the post, study the corners, pass comment on how straight the edges look.  Do we measure the wording on the letter to see if it is straight or equal?  Do we make note of the paper and how it feels, do we think, wow this is a great envelope?
Do we just rip it open to see what is inside and throw the envelope in the rubbish?
The outer form is never meant to be perfect,
It has a job; it is to get us from A to B,
It is to help us understand,
to raise vibrations
Look through the pose
Open the envelope, we may be pleasantly surprised on what we find
We wish you unity with your spirit.
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