Yogic Lessons: The Yoga Mat

6 March, 2023

How many of our readers have thought about the importance of Yogic Lessons: The Yoga Mat.  Yet another inanimate object that carries much wisdom and help.  Yes, many of us use it to protect the knees, the back and make things a bit more comfortable. What about the other aspects?  Hygiene,  We all like a clean mat.  There is something else to consider but what about in a yoga context?  We will ask our readers to look a different way while we introduce The Yoga Mat.

In a context of Union/Yoking/Yoga why is the yoga mat concept important?  The mat viewpoint helps in our connection, in our grounding, it protects, it softens, yoga, union, yoking becomes easier.  Why?

What is the purpose of a floor mat? It cleans the SOULS of one’s feet

( Reading the article on pigeon and swan pose will give a little more understanding).

Just as the door mat is to clean the soles of our feet, the mat understanding is a way to connect to the soul through improvement, yoga/ union/yoking- in a very loose explanation.

We would be wise to learn how to remove negative energy from the yoga mat before and after we practice. We need to learn and understand etheric energy and the unseen influences in our yoga practices.  How can the etheric energy of another effect our own energy and how can that effect our own minds?   What are our soles in contact with ?


There is another connection to the yoga Mat and that is to a yoga teacher who lived 2000 years ago, his name is Matthew, and like many he never performed a physical pose.


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