Reiki Rach- November Birth Stone. Topaz

24 November, 2022

Wow it’s hard to believe that we are already in November!? Leaving us just 2 more stones to talk about.
If you are born in November your birthstone is TOPAZ. Like many of the other stones we have discussed this year it comes in an array of wonderful colours including, blue, pink, brown, green purple, white and clear but for the purpose of this blog we will be discussing the golden or imperial topaz.
Because of its beautiful golden/orange colour this crystal is often used on the solar plexus connecting us to our spirit and sense of self. This powerful crystal can help in awakening our inner strength and create a driving force within us and is therefore used during times when willpower is needed.
Topaz is known for being a stone of abundance and success and should be used when trying to realise your goals. It allows creativity to flow freely and encourages individuality.
It is also not a coincidence that this crystal is connected to this month when the weather is changing. It’s getting colder, damper and there are lots of bugs flying around. Topaz can be used to help with ailments such as the common cold, muscular aches and pains and promote healthy lung function.
Topaz has many other health benefits as well as helping individuals experiencing addiction and aid during detoxification.
My hope for you this November is that you have the courage to chase your dreams and make them your reality.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach

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