Reiki Rach- December Birth Stones

8 December, 2022

The final chapter of 2022 is upon us. December is a much loved month for many. Although it is often a cold and dark month it is also full of joy and glee. I know it may not be a popular opinion but I love the dark and dank evenings. I find them cozy and comforting.
If you happen to be born in the magical month of December you have a couple of glorious crystal options to choose from; TURQUOISE and TANZANITE. Both stones are beautiful in their own way and hold healing properties. But I have decided that turquoise is a better known stone and is probably easier to research in your own time thus prompting me to write about TANZANITE for this our final birthstone blog.
Tanzanite is named after the only place in which the crystal is mined, Tanzania. It is a beautiful blue and violet crystal and is associated with the throat and third eye/brow chakras.
When experiencing trying times and you feel totally exhausted by events going on around you using tanzanite can help to alleviate some of the tiredness and draining pressure. It may also help when you find yourself unable to communicate your feelings and thoughts by opening up your throat chakra allowing you to speak your truth and express yourself truthfully and confidently.
If you are wanting to enhance your meditation practice, using tanzanite will do just that. It will bring stillness of mind and allow peace within allowing you to meditate more easily. It can also aid during periods of self reflection and when working on your spiritual abilities allowing you to still both mind and spirit.
Well that concludes our year of birthstone blogs and what a beautiful crystal to finish the year with!? I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these blogs over the last 12 months and I am so pleased I have been able to share my knowledge and love for these beautiful crystals with you. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.
My hope for you this December is that you find a light in the dark and peace among the chaos.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach

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