Garden and Growing

Tomorrow’s Garden. Everlasting Life.

9 December, 2022

On a crisp winter morning I noticed how amazing the seasons really are. How they change from bursting with colour and heat, to cold and crisp like today. 

We should change our routine to match the seasons…

Spring is where we start to ‘grow’ as our energy lifts with the longer days, like the sap rising in our plants and trees. We sow the seeds we spent the winter planning.

Summer is were we’re full of love and happiness, like the bright colours of the flowers and the lush green grass. The seeds have germinated and grown into beautiful plants and flowers.

Autumn is when start to slow down, gather our thoughts and get ready to close down for the winter, this in comparison to tidying the garden and harvesting any fruits.

Last but not least, winter – the hibernation of plants, trees, animals. I’d say the most important season, we should have the time to find ourselves, quieten our mind and self care.

After reading this can we see how a tree symbolises a life cycle?

After the death of winter, comes spring, regrowth,


Wishing you all a merry Christmas


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