Ask Maureen – December article

9 December, 2022

Hello dear readers and welcome to December.


Apologies for not publishing Octobers and Novembers article.


I mentioned in September that my father-in-law had passed and we were in the progress of making funeral arrangements.  As many of you know it is not an easy task.

And where there is no will, to guide you, often the process is much lengthier.

No one likes the idea of making a will.  We put off the thought of dying, and hope that our loved ones will do us justice, and provide the kind of service we would approve of.


So, let me share with you some of the hoops that the family had to jump through before things were finally finalised.

Permission to seek access to bank accounts, shares, and life insurance cover.

Letters of evidence of named Representative, or NOK, Approval of Social workers, bank managers, and other agencies that we needed help from.


Transferring our loved one to the Funeral Directors, arranging the cremation ceremony, liaising with the celebrant, choosing meaningful music, flowers, cars, casket, and adding personal touches like a loving framed photo,

And all the other little extras, like making transport arrangements for family and mourners who wish to attend.

Organising The wake, the ‘funeral breakfast. ‘


We were blessed with family who knew my father in law, and had knowledge of his likes and dislikes, his passions, and his fury.

Fortunately after a very long wait everything went beautifully, and the family believe we did Peter justice, in celebrating his life, and giving thanks for his time on this earthly realm.

As believers in Gods good spiritual realms, we felt assured that Peters passing was peaceful, and that he crossed into his new spiritual life.

It might seem hard to believe in a spiritual existence, especially if you have not been exposed to any significant evidence.  I have endeavoured to give you dear readers, that evidence with examples of near death experiences.

Proof of Heaven : Eben Alexander (author), : 9781442359314 : Blackwell's

Please take a look at Eban Alexander’s Near Death Experience  and Anita Moorjani’s NDE and check out their amazing accounts all fully documented by the medical providers.

What near-death and shared-death experiences tell us about living | Connecticut Public



I hope that this article has helped, and may have given a little insight, to what might be the most distressing time in peoples lives. And maybe making a will is not such a bad thing.  It doesn’t mean we are going to pop our clogs just yet.


As we approach Christmas dare I mention that we are just three weeks away from celebrating our festivities. We are reminded of God’s greatest gift to us.  Our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus, or as we know him as Yeshua.  His promise was a new life in him and in his fathers mansion is where our dwelling place shall be, when our earthly sojourn is over.


The Angel Gabriel gave humanity a great message and blessing.


So lets try to mend relationships that have been broken, send absent family, and friends a Christmas card with a personal message.


Sometimes our loved, lost ones, are hoping we will be the ones to reach out first.

Reaching out for support - YukonWallness


Lets take the Peace Love and Joy,  of Christmas to send the Olive branch.

If it is taken, then wonderful, if, its ignored, so be it.  You did the right thing.  We can only try!



Until next time dear friends look after one an other and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays.

Peace, love and light and Merry Christmas.

Maureen. x


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