Understanding Emotions and Yoga

1 October, 2017

Good morning everyone,

Big news yesterday ! Thanks for all the emails.  We will be organising all the ins and outs on Monday.  Studio is open for 1-1s and we have Ruth’s workshop on Saturday afternoon teaching you all how to design, blend and use your own essential oils.  Please email or call to book.

Please keep your eyes on the website and our blog, we still have more changes to come.  If you want any 1-1s with the team then get in touch and we will arrange for you.

We would also like you to think about the emotional effects of your Yoga practice, how many of you feel more emotional either good or bad.  Do we really understand what is happening.  Why do so many people cry.  Is a particular practice better for us or not. Do we know how different yoga’s positions effect us.  Does a particular practice bring on the tears!  We hear a lot of people telling us it is a release of emotions- but is it ! Does this crying continue after your practice……

Are we aware of the effects of yin and yang energy on our bodies depending on what our state of mind is. Can we channel too much negative energy ?

How many of us have had experiences that the teacher can not explain or explains with blended philosophies.  We all need to be aware of all the effects yoga has and not just on the physical body.  We all know the fantastic effects on the  physical body but sometimes the effects can be detrimental to our emotions- but why is that…

Moving forward Life Balance will be discussing a lot of topics to help you understand what is going on inside of your body and mind.

Namaste – The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.

The Light in me acknowledges the God in You.



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