What is Samadhi

30 September, 2017

We  hear a lot of people taking about Samadhi, but what is it really.  Many will say that they have had it, but have they?  How many have actually returned to the divine.  So to keep it simple how many have actually found union with God ? How would this union change you ? Could you still be the same old person.  What values and qualities must we have to find it.  Can we really find union with God while engaging in negative activities or activities of self ? Can we really find god in a hot yoga studio? Are we aware that God is within each and everyone of us and when we look for the light that is within we are looking for God.  Samadhi is union with God although we  in the west we know Samadhi by another name.

Remember always be kind with your words.

We all have the light that is within and it is up to us to cultivate the environment for it to grow.

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