Warrior Pose, part 3.

1 April, 2021

Warrior pose part 3

Warrior Pose, part 3. Open the heart, disarm Your-Self

The inner warrior must have control of the outer warrior, we must use our breath


To create peace in our minds is a challenge for all, there will always be battles to be thought but how we battle in the physical is very different from the battlefield of the mind.  We cannot use the same tactics, we need to think higher and apply the law of love, our hearts and minds must be of the same breath.

For those of you think there is a spelling mistake in the above paragraph, it is not a typo, battles are Thought.  One of the first thing a solider or warrior learns is how to defend themselves.  To think higher and use the breath correctly there must be no deception between heart and mind, they must be aligned.  Whereas a warrior must listen to his teacher we must listen to our heart centre.


Battles of the mind are thought and overcome with Love, Compassion, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

They are thought with Peace.

Do not fight an angry thought with another angry thought.


All soldiers or warriors do not become humble overnight, we do not punish or criticise ourselves for this, as it is counterproductive.  It takes time, we need an event, something has to happen to change our thoughts.  Our thinking has to improve, we have to see our physical self through a different lens. We may lose something, or something may be taken. We may be given a whole new set of circumstances or life problems to deal with.  We should be able to observe ourselves or actions from a new position.  We may be given a new understanding; we may have found something!

Warrior Pose, part 3. Open the heart, disarm Your-Self

The Tolerant Warrior

Any solider knows how to endure and to tolerate in the harshest of conditions, they also know how to laugh and bring a smile to their friends in the darkest of places.  The Royal Marines have an expression for this it is called “cheerfulness in adversity”.  We must learn to tolerate the minds and words of others as ourselves.

We do not lash out at ourselves or others and by that send out a volley of mental arrows when we are hurting, confused, frustrated, angered or scared. Every situation that is hard we must think different, say to ourselves, what is this lesson, what am I going to learn.  We change the outcome by our minds – the high office, in the same breath as the heart- in harmony. 

Mental arrows cause pain

Rest assured all negative thoughts (Arrows) we send to others or ourselves hit their intended target.


There are other lessons to be learnt

The thing is, the warrior pose sequence is not quite how it works out.  We have given you a loose understanding of the refinement process in part 2, but this is only 1 aspect of the mind.  We can make the physical pose flow, but the mental benefits will not happen.  We could stand all day long in a warrior pose and we will not lose our ego or become brave.  Yes, the body will become stronger but what about the mind? What is missing to become a humble warrior or peaceful warrior?


Open the heart

A warrior’s strength flows from within, from their King and Queen, the heart centre.  They have mastered the sword and bow, but do not need them, they will not use them. They disarm and deflect the mental arrows and sword blows by love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness.  The peaceful warrior has disarmed themselves to disarm the enemy.  Disarm the self. Following the law of love raises our vibrations in heart and mind.

The peaceful warrior raises the vibration of his enemy by example.  They know verily the enemy is not an enemy.  By forgiveness they turn the other cheek so low vibrations that are sent do not strike, this action will protect the peaceful warrior but also the sender as they will not be hit with the full force of return karma.  For when in a bad place sending out negative thoughts lowers our own vibrations which in returns attracts more pain, suffering.

Warrior Pose, part 3. Open the heart, disarm Your-Self


The peaceful warrior sees their king and queen in every human on this planet the Bible puts it as “love thy neighbour as thy love thy self”, they do not wish to harm or hurt another living soul, the peaceful warrior just wishes to show us a better way, the warrior pose becomes the example.


Let’s put down our weapons for we do not need them.

The Kingdom of heaven is within.

Samadhi is within

We wish you unity with your spirit.

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