Warrior Pose, Improving our Balance – part 4

1 May, 2021

Part 4

Improving our balance

Yoga poses for better balance

This month’s discourse will be slightly different as our paths can change and twist and what may be right for some may not be others.  A Warriors path may not be for all.  We need to consider physical factors that may make things harder.  For that we need to ask, is the warrior pose right for us?

We need to Pose the question; we need careful thought.


Each and every human soul on this planet in on a different path, different experiences, needs and goals, what may help me, may not help you.  Therefore, selecting our pose to help us move forward needs careful thought.  We may need help, we may need a guide, we may need a Shepard, a Sherpa or a cuddle from our mum, not our physical mum, our Inner Goddess our Heavenly Mother, she who picks us up  no matter what, and when we are in her arms nothing can hurt us, nothing is broken, we are at peace.

If we have been injured or inflicted with illness, suffered horrendous trauma, painful loss that we cannot seem to get over, broken hearted, worried, if we are emotionally unstable for one reason or another or we just plain unhappy.  What if we fear death or death of a loved one, what if we feel we are so far lost we have no value in our own lives, what then!   What poses can we do to help us on the mental plane, what can help us find balance, find peace, find love that may appear lost.

The right pose needs careful consideration.

In the East, teachers have knowledge of the spirit within, the teacher knows what will help the student on their individual path, they know character, disposition, strengths and weakness.  Here in the west our practice is more about physical fitness.  We see some teachers teaching Eastern philosophies without understanding the effects on spirit and mental health, without understanding the vibrations of the West.  The teacher may be able to correct physical posture but what about if someone is suffering loss, grieving, been cheated, suffered serious bad luck.  What poses then can help…………. What poses can help them regain balance or return harmony?

Our Yoga could help us all so much more than an hour on the mat.

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually buy in to all we have written, how many are interested in the spiritual effects.  So once again we pose a question to you.  What poses improve balance? Think carefully.  Let’s look past the physical pose.  Think of what causes us pain in the mind, what causes stress, sorrow, unhappiness, anxiety or depression.  What if we have got things wrong, we have hurt others, we are embarrassed or ashamed.  Think on this, imagine our teachers knew the right sequence to guide us through this.  They gave us the poses to release us from pain. Not becoming emotional or hysterical.  We are released from pain.  The pain stops!  We now go back to the start of the paragraph; how many are interested in the spiritual effects?

Proverbs 4:22-26

We must have self-disciplined thought; our thoughts must be balanced.

We will finish now going back to our warrior pose.  Our peaceful warrior knows their own thoughts must be Just as if they have thoughts of anger, aggression, negative thoughts or horrible thoughts to others or themselves, they will attract similar in return, their thoughts are not in harmony.  If our thoughts are not stabilised then we can create emotional pain, we are not releasing emotions we are stimulating pain.  We must ask the question is the pose correct for us, is there a better pose to overcome this.

The missing pose, looking within, a key to humility

Sometimes the warrior will only become fearful when they know they are being beaten, their ego lets them down, things are not how they seem, chemicals in the body change, what they used to know seems pointless.  Where is that in our warrior sequence? Our warrior needs to be humbled, needs to reflect, the Warrior needs to be shown a better way.



To humble oneself, to ask for help


We must then seek the help of our Heavenly Mother, Mother earth.

Learn to hear her voice, her voice that says, “come to me”, when we are hurting.

We must go to the mountain and find wisdom

We need to understand

Mountain Pose.

We wish you all unity with your spirit

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