Warrior Pose part 5

2 June, 2021

warrior pose part 5

Warrior Pose part 5, To understand Peace all Warriors must go up the Mountain.

Yoga understandings part 5

We’re going up the mountain, but not yet!

If we were to speak to Clarke (Remote Options) and told him that we were going up the mountain, I know he would give us all a funny look and ask us some simple questions.  I am certain he would say which one and have you been before.  He would ask if we are prepared, have we planned, do we have the right equipment, are trained or experienced, do we know what we are doing, do we have emergency equipment, do we know what to do when things go wrong.

If after listening to us he may recommend us taking a Sherpa, Shepard or guide. However, first things first as they say.  We need to be safe at all stages.  We need to know what is dangerous and what is not.  We need to be armed with the knowledge of how to cross difficult terrain.  We need to know what equipment to take and how to use it safely. We may need to rehearse and practice skills that may be needed just in case we get into trouble.

Going up the Mountain, is not as simple as many believe

It must be respected.

For many Pose as Mountain Guides.

We can’t just rustle up a mountain we need to get there safely.  There may be charlatans or tricksters on the way, wanting to use us, manipulate us, or worst steal our wealth.  We may employ someone who poses as a guide but leads us the wrong way, who doesn’t really know the mountain and causes us pain.  We may need to follow the path of those who have been before, we may have a Sherpa or mountain guide.

Be aware of the deception, not all guides love the Mountain

We need the help of a Sherpa, a guide who loves the mountain.  Our yoga practice is no different from the physical mountain, we need to be kept safe before we begin.  We need to know when to rest, to repose.  We need to know how the elements will affect us, how our emotions will change when things get tough, will we think clearly or make decisions based on feeling, are we using all our senses, are we sensing things that cannot be seen?

Top of the Mountain

Do we know what is opposite to emotions?    The answer is Peace, tranquillity, stillness. Samadhi.  The road is not easy, emotions must be overcome, the bottom of the mountain opposite to what lays at the top.  In the process of getting there our Heavenly Mother comes to us, responding to our call “come to me”, subtly changing us and enlightening us on the way. Gently and with love, making us aware of our other senses, senses that surpass the most wonderous of physical gifts.

We need a Yoga teacher, we’re off to Peru,

we need a guide who loves the Mountain.

We need to find Martin.

To understand Mountain pose, we have to understand the qualities of our Heavenly Mother, Mother Earth.  We need to be shown how to find her, the gifts she bestows on us, and once we have climbed to the top, the high office, life will never be as hard, we can find peace in the most arduous of situations.  For this we need the help of a humble beggar, a charitable brother, a man of colour who lived 400 years ago. A man whose compassion knew no bounds, who understood Krishna and the knowledge of tree poses to guide us up the mountain.


We need an example; we need to understand the Yoga of St. Martin De Porres.

We wish you all unity with your spirit.

If you wish to know more or would like us to give a talk then please get in touch or visit on our next Day of Healing


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