Warrior Pose part 6, we wish you unity with your spirit

1 July, 2021


We wish you unity with your spirit.

A little question for all.  Why we do here wish you all unity with your spirit?  What are your thoughts on this!  Take a moment or two.   We wish people safe journey, happy holidays, happy birthday.  So why are we wishing our readers unity with their spirits?


Unity with our spirits brings change.

Many of us only understand yoga in its outer form, we only practice the outer form, but when we have a spiritual understanding, things will be revealed, we begin to look through the pose, we see things in a new light, the answers come from within, the King and Queen- the heart centre.  Our physical yoga practice could be the worst in the world, it does not matter, as the saying goes, “it’s what’s inside that counts”.

Things change for the better

Imagine being able to understand why things happen, why people act as they do, imagine not being as troubled by life, not fearing death, forgiving those who have hurt us, reducing our egos or not being bothered by what we do or do not have, being happy or content in our own skins, in other words being at peace.  Even at periods of extreme loss, the pain does not hurt as much as it could.

Seek knowledge, seek the mountain, seek unity with your spirit

When yoga was introduced to the West it was believed it would help spiritual development, but the attitude of the West is very different to the East.  Most of the true benefits have been lost.  The Yoga we practice in the West is the lower form.  This being said it can lead to unity with the spirit, it can bring peace, tolerance, compassion, charity, right action- dharma, we must learn to look inward.

Unity will increase our understanding.

We can read a lot of yoga texts, scared books but do we really understand the concepts, is it all mumbo jumbo or fluffy rubbish.  How to do we glean the real message.  When we look at a pose, do we see a physical position, or do we see it as a gateway of understanding, the self, the self-less, the mind or the spirit that is within.  We are taught maths from an early age so we can add, subtract, divide and multiply and find truth in numbers.  What if we are taught spiritual laws, knew spiritual laws that allowed us to look at all situations in a different light, to see truth.

 “To pose, to give false impression”.

I have always loved the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, from the moment I read his first book it touched my heart, what a wonderful soul, human being, an example.  There are no if’s or buts, Paramahansa Yogananda had unity with his spirit.  Real Yoga is about truth, higher vibrations, unity with our spirits allows us to look past false impressions or lower vibrations.  Lower vibrations can lead to higher vibrations, to know what is true and what is false, to feel it from within.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Sorry, it is bad signal, I have a poor connection.

If this is your first time reading one of our articles, then we thoroughly suggest that you go through our website and read the other yoga and spiritual posts, this will help all to understand what we are trying to convey in this months blog.   Moving on, there is nothing worse when we are on the phone and cannot hear correctly, the line is broken or there is interference, we cannot hear what the person on the other end is trying to tell us. Imagine if we were lost and they were trying to give us directions, we needed to know how to do something, they were giving us a warning or we are scared and they were getting us out of trouble, then what ? We most certainly would want a strong connection.  What if the person on the other end was giving good advice, picking us up when we felt low, then most certainly we would want the best signal possible?  What about scams and conmen, those who mislead us, we would not pick up the phone, but if they got through, then again, we want to be in touch with someone who knew the truth and can steer us away from problems.

Truth be told.

Our physical yoga practice is there to lead us from physical, to mind, to the understanding of spirit, the spirit that is within every human.  Yoga has always been about realising God and the God within, something that is very much glossed over in todays practice, we go, we have a good stretch, and go home.  Happiness can be found, contentment can be found, understandings can be found but in the same breath we can cause sorrow, unhappiness and chaos to ourselves by lack of truth and knowledge in our yoga practice.


There is a better way

Seek unity with your spirit, find the treasure within,

check your posture – your footings,

build your temple on wisdom,

as you may find,

 you are not



If you wish to learn more then feel free to join us on one of our talks or development classes.


We wish you unity with your spirit

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