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1 July, 2021

Sharing Good News 

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome to July’s Article. 

l would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the many who contacted us with their comments on last month’s article. On NDE (near death experience.) 

It appears that in today’s uncertainty we are searching for more understanding for the true meaning of life.  When that age old question of who are we? Where do we come from? And where do we go to when we die? Is uppermost in our mind. 

 It seems to me that we are searching for certainty.  For evidence, and NDE encounters fill us with hope.  We are willing to accept the accounts as true.  So many have had to shelve their encounters for decades.   Fear of being ridiculed, fear of not being believed, or worse labelled mad has meant that people felt unable to proclaim their own’ good news’.  

 Many have needed the time to fully process what had taken place and are relieved to have their experience validated by other NDEs.   Others have had to learn how to use their newly acquired skills and gifts in the service to others. 

 All yearn to return home.  Homesick is a common phrase often used. Being here on the earth plane is not easy. However, we are all here for a reason.  We all make a difference, and this is confirmed in Dannion Brinkley’s experience.  Remember those words, who we are is the difference that love makes. 

 Whenever humanity has been under tremendous pressure or threat.  Source, God, has sent us his messengers.  We have the prophets of the Old Testament and of the New Testament. 

 The Angel Gabriel is recorded to have heralded in Jesus’ birth, and given Mary the ‘good news,’ and an angel informed the arrival of the Messiah, to the shepherds, who concluded with “Glory to God in the highest peace on earth for God is blessing humankind”.  The Israelites had long awaited to hear these tidings of great joy.  (Luke 2 vs 8-12) 

 John the Baptist prepared the way of the Lord, and his father Zechariah was visited by the Angel Gabriel who announced that his wife Elizabeth a kinswoman of Mary, would give birth to a son, and he shall be called John; long after her childbearing days were over. Foretelling the ‘good news’, and the important part he would have in bringing the Israel nation closer together in preparation for the coming of the Lord. (Luke 1 vs 8-20). 

Centuries later in greater times of trouble and strife, God heard our prayers and responded.  Not in the way we expect but in the unexpected.  

We have had the great privilege, during both world wars, and thereafter of the help, and support from God’s instruments.  

 I am talking about mediums.   Not the ones you find at the end of the pier, or who gaze into crystal balls, or take your money and tell you, that you are going to meet a dark-haired handsome stranger; or that your crossing water or coming into money.  

None of the above but the genuine, sincere, and rigorously tested Medium who wish to be of service to humanity. 

Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan, the spiritualist medium, was known for her gifts for materialisation. This Scottish medium helped many people to communicate with loved ones.  She was known as a material medium. This means she used energy known as the odic force, life energy, or chi, so that spirit world, could enshroud themselves, with; this milky substance and become solid. Loved ones could be touched, seen, and heard, Incidentally, Helen was the last person to be tried under the ancient Witchcraft Act.  Winston Churchill helped to squash this outdated, outmoded act. You can find out more in the book, by her daughter Gena Brealey, entitled ‘The Two Worlds of Helen Duncan.’ 

Another fine medium was Leslie Flint, a remarkable man, a conduit for spirit world. He helped spirit people to communicate, by a unique process called Independent Direct Voice.  The voices of loved ones came from above his head. (You can hear some of the Leslie Flint recordings on (U tube).  

Leslie like Helen underwent the strictest of tests by the psychic research society.  You can read his own authentic story in ‘Voices in the dark’ by Leslie Flint. 

Leslie held hundreds of sittings throughout his lifetime, and was much sought after by royalty, and commoners alike.  Many seances were recorded and sent to devotees, around the globe. No mean feat as they did not have the communication system that we enjoy today.  

Two dedicated members of the séance group; namely, Mrs Elizabeth Green, and Mr George Wood, carried out this task of love and service.  I myself have many of these recordings and am very grateful to all of Leslie’s, team. 

The tapes had to done by hand and posted out to eager listeners around the world. Sometimes as many as one hundred tapes would be sent after one sitting.           

To conclude dear friends. 

In today’s modern world of technology, we enjoy the world wide web, we can instantly access information, and communicate with each other over the miles. 

And it is my belief that Canadian born, Dr Yvonne Kason, author of ‘Touched by the Light’ was delayed from putting this book out, until now, so it could reach a global audience.  She coined the term Spiritually Transformative Experience., in order to explain how a NDE can transform a person’s whole life. This terminology and detailed account of self and others will help other medics and scientists, to understand the power of Source, God.  We are spirit.  We are energy, we live on after the corporeal body dies. IS THAT NOT GOOD NEWS! 

Her amazing five near death experiences, have been recorded.  Including a severe brain injury that incapacitated her for 12 years, until a miracle healing spontaneously happened.  She reveals in her book how she experienced spirit world. The immense joy, love, and bliss, that awaits us all.  She also speaks of the similarities of others who have had out of body experiences, and what we might call the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.  As a yoga devotee, Dr Kason refers to the kundalini energy as like The Power of the Holy Spirit and uses many examples of the lives of Saints to demonstrate this. 

Personally, I prefer the power of God. As Kundalini energy is something that rarely happens and takes a lifetime of Yogic Practice, and intense concentration under the guidance of an advanced teacher. 

A word of caution: 

Some have tried to stimulate the kundalini energy by using substances.  We would NEVER recommend this.  I have seen the traumatic effects when this energy has not been released properly, causing, depression, great distress, and disorientation to the person.  

God’s way is the correct way.  Because it happens in perfect timing. We read about this in the New Testament at Pentecost, when the Apostles were together in one place, and suddenly out of the sky came a sound like a strong rushing wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. There appeared tongues of as if of fire which parted and came to rest upon each one of them above their heads (Crown Chakra).  All were filled with the Holy Spirit.  And began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak. Acts 2 vs1-4. Please read on to vs 40 if you want a more comprehensive account. 

These passages are an inspiration, and testimony that we are indeed spirit, and life after death exists in God’s kingdom, just as Jesus had preached and promised.   

I believe that NDEs are another way of letting the world know that as survivors of brushes with death, life exists.  We live on.  As mentioned before all NDEs share many commonalities, they have their own authentic experience that does not fade, over time, like a dream, or memory.  But is as fresh as the day it happened.  

Silver Birch that great spiritual teacher proclaimed that one day we too would be able to have our own authentic experiences. I feel by prayer meditation, and spiritual understanding, this will happen.  

The ‘good news’ is still being given.  All we need to do is to be open and receptive to it. 

So now dear friends let me share with you our good news Colin Harrison, is a spiritual healer and teacher.  He holds meditation meetings twice weekly when government restrictions are lifted.  I have mentioned Colin to you before.  He has been given the grace to call these meetings Seraphic Meetings, because they come from God.  Here, you will learn how to meditate properly.  Be guided and supported in your practice.  Be welcomed by loving members, who like you want to learn more. 

Check out his website: www.thetruthofspirit.org.uk. 

Contact him at:            colinspirithealer@yahoo.co.uk 

You will be assured of a swift response, and possible answers to your questions. 

I am grateful to you dear friends for allowing me to share with you some of the great people and souls who have enriched my life. 

As always take care of one another and remember a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Maureen X 

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