Warrior Pose, part 7.

1 August, 2021

warrior pose part 7

Warrior Pose, part 7. Understanding the armour and the path.


When writing about yoga going from A to B is not that simple.  There are many reasons, but we are going to uncover some of the understandings that are needed for us to get to point B.  If we were writing about the physical postures then yes it can be easier but as we move to finding unity with our spirits we need to be aware of illusion, the illusion of Western yoga and the focus of the outer or lower practice.

All our articles are written to create thought, to create a positive change and only when we learn a new piece of information that things become clear.  This gives us time to think about effects, learn patience and draw the information from our spirit.

There are many practices being taught which are dangerous to our mental health but there are few and far between those who make the student aware of these yoga practices.  To this day I have not seen one article that explains sufficiently or correctly how a Pose changes the endocrine system or on the confusion this can place on the balance of mind, body and spirit by wrong asanas.

The reason this is not understood is that it is simply not taught or known.  This is where much of our yoga practice is lost by translation from East to West.  In the West we seem to want everything now without patience, learning the basics, knowing dangers or the knowledge to support higher learnings.  However, this being said is this just part of our own individual path, a path of learning, getting things wrong and learning from our mistakes and for some finding the beauty we carry within, the Golden Fleece, the Path of Peace.

Warrior Pose, part 7. Understanding the armour and the path.


The road is not easy for the Peaceful Warrior,

It is not easy for any of us,

we must trust in our armour.

At times it can be difficult to convey spiritual teachings without proper foundations, footings or being grounded.  So, we will keep it simple, if you believe it or not it doesn’t matter but our physical practice is to help us find what is within.

We are all in different states of ignorance.

This may sound harsh, but it is not.  Our yoga practice is to help us find God.  The spirit we carry within wants to return home.  For us as yoga practitioners we are all in different stages of belief on this matter, as the Cambridge dictionary states, ignorance is a lack of knowledge or understanding.  If we put it into a simple form, how many of us have enough knowledge to understand the effects on our mind and spirit from our Western yoga practices?  As chaos is the opposite to peace, wisdom is the opposite to ignorance.  Is anything starting to click yet?

Wear the armour of Wisdom,

let the physical create the lessons,

to test the strength of our armour

As we learn and understand our armour changes.  Our own culture, where we are from, all create different energies, these energies influence us.  The Yoga of the East, especially Hinduism takes consideration into all of these elements, the yoga practice is complementary, as the knowledge of unseen energies is applied and respected.  If in our Yoga practice, we only consider 1 part of the system then things will never run right.

Think of the effects to our culture, our writing and our knowledge if we lost 5 or 6, 7 letters from the alphabet.  How would we compensate? Many understandings would be lost, we may interpret instruction incorrectly, vibrations would be lost.  Our yoga practice in the west is hampered by our own cultures, geography and the western lifestyle, but above all else, our lack of unity with our spirits.

This also happens with what we teach our students, think of it like this.  I may know how to stop a car using the break, we may know how to steer a bike or put fuel in a truck.  It does not mean we can fly a plane; it does not mean the sequence is correct.  We cannot mix these concepts; it just will not work. This is the same with esoteric doctrines.  If we did the same with chemicals then we would be asking for trouble, mixing this with a bit of that is a dangerous practice for the teacher and student.  There is no difference with vibrations.

Blending philosophies changes the vibrations,

When we mix teachings, we change the outcome,

what we wanted is not what we get!


 Warrior Pose, part 7. Understanding the armour and the path.

The armour of knowledge

As our knowledge grows our armour strengthens, the armour guides us to take the right path, the correct path, the righteous path.  It may seem that we are living in chaos but our armour carries us through, it sustains us while on the difficult path.

Armour of knowledge,

Seek unity with your spirit.

Focusing on the lower forms of yoga denies us all of many important spiritual lessons and protections.  The armour of knowledge is there to guide us away from dangers, mal practice’s and other occult dangers, yes occult dangers.


Warning for ALL

Manifestation Ceremonies (messing with magic), Tarot Yoga to name a few practices and the False Gurus are to be avoided at all cost, because what they do not tell you, when they have taken your money  is about the nasty things that can happen to a person or at a studio when influenced by these energies.

These dark energies will wait dormant until the optimum time to create their Chaos.

Some of you will be thinking now that we are absolutely bonkers, but this has to be said, and it will help many.


Our physical bodies will create many lessons for each of us, our self will create a path.  The armour of knowledge allows us to see differently, it allows us to see truth in untruth, we intrinsically know what is right, what is better for us, what is folly and what will cause pain.  The armour guides us, we carry no weapons, no mental arrows, our knowledge allows us to circumnavigate pain, problems, to overcome but also protects, help and heals when our lives descend into the chaos.


We all wear different armour, the Peaceful Warrior needs none.

The Peaceful warrior, the self-less, has control of the self

The Peaceful Warrior does not fear the path as they are guided from within.

Seek unity with your spirit, Seek our inner knowledge.

Seek the armour of light.


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