Warrior Pose part 8

4 September, 2021

Warrior pose part 8

Warrior Pose, Conflict and suffering part 8

We are now at a point where if you have been reading our articles and that of our team, we should be looking at things in a different light, questioning what we have been taught before.   When we practice contemporary Yoga or a Yoga in name only these still attract occult influences and dangers.

As we have mentioned, we do not blend philosophies nor should we mix esoteric practices, magic, manifestation ceremonies, any form of divination (telling the future, yes, including Angel cards & Angel reiki) in our yoga studios or individual practice.  However, on top of this we need consider what we do to ourselves, what we put into our bodies, what we think and how we act, but how as teachers this will affect the energy we create and share, believe it or not these energies effect the students in a positive or negative way.

But where does this fit in with our Warrior Pose, we’ll let us begin.  Our contemporary yoga only ever considers the physical body, many teachers have no idea of the effects of yoga on the unseen aspects of our being.  Different poses have different effects and goals on the Emotional body, Elemental body, Astral, Etheric and Mental bodies, all components of our human form.  This is not so much the fault of the teacher here in the west but our Western lifestyle and culture.  We do need to be aware that some of the poses or philosophies that are taught will lower the vibration of another. (We will talk more of this at a later date).

The Pose is only a delivery system.

When we look at a pose, we should ask ourselves a few questions. How does a yoga pose affect our subtle bodies? We may know it as the collective, the Aura.  These energies surround the physical body.  Our yoga poses influence these energies, those of you who have practiced yoga Nidra may know these as shells.  Instead of just looking at a pose in the physical, ask yourself, what are the effects of these energies on our emotional, elemental, and physical bodies at a minimum.

How does each different pose effect our state of mind? Dose the pose steer, guide, make you angry or wind you up, do you feel released.  When we question what we have been taught we will begin to look through the pose.  What will also be useful is to consider the pose an instruction to the subtle bodies, ask what the pose is doing, what instructions is the pose giving, what will be the effects on our minds, attitudes, weak points.  The list can go on! When we try this, we may find certain poses should be avoided regardless of what we are being told.

Yoga has a greater effect on these subtle bodies than many would even consider.  How would we feel if we found out years down the line that what we had taught had a detrimental effect on another person, or what if we taught the Yoga that released a person from suffering, gave peace to internal conflict and lessened external conflict and distress, which would we choose?

Yoga is about creating change, the spirit within wishes union with God.

Just by asking some simple questions we begin to unlock the door to knowledge (the mountain pose).  Far too many people practice yoga without the knowledge of the spiritual or esoteric effects, for numerous people this can make them feel better, worse or unbalanced after their practice.


It’s time to connect

If we have never been taught about these aspects of Yoga, don’t worry, but is it not better to understand why and how something makes us feel the way we do, is it not better to understand why certain poses make us cry, laugh, feel better or unbalanced.  Would it not be better to know how a pose can alleviate emotional pain, which pose can repair heart ache and which poses can connect us and improve relationships.  As teachers, and as practitioners of yoga, maybe our path has not yet led us to the place of understanding at this time, maybe it’s not time to venture up the mountain.

Let us ask again, what is the Warrior Pose telling us?

Sometimes it is good to follow a teacher but sometimes it is not if we are being misguided, this is why we say to all to set your personal intention before you start your class and that is for a good old stretch, this way we are closing the door to many of these energies and effects, protect yourself from the energies and influences of others.  Never ask to open your heart unless you know exactly what is going to happen, never unbalance yourself, you may pick something up that you did not want! Our practice will create energy, our thoughts will create unseen energy, energy can change and shape a person, it can be constructive or destructive.

We can’t always see magnetism, but we can see the effects.

An example of this is when we can see someone is a bad influence on another, they create a bad energy.   If we are surrounded by a bad energy it will influence the subtle bodies, it may change our thinking, we may do things out of character, it may bring out the worst in us, we may act in a similar way to the person who is the bad influence, it will create conflict and suffering.  The opposite to this is the guiding energy of the Guru bringing out the best in us, protecting us, guiding our thoughts towards higher vibrations through unseen energy and love.  The unseen thoughts of the teacher will affect the student

We need to understand opposites

If we continue to look at the warrior pose from a purely physical aspect, we lose the understanding, there is no spiritual growth.  Outside pain and suffering, war and conflict, the warrior pose gives us the keys to diminish conflict and suffering, to find peace, to look within ourselves and others and to see the same qualities, the spirit within.   Some may consider the Head stand one of the hardest pose’s to master but unless we master the warrior Pose or at least keep trying to improve or refine it, then when our world is turned upside down how do we remain balanced, how do we soften the chaos that ensues.

Warrior Pose is not what we think it is, it is not a physical pose it is a state of being

The warrior pose comprises of so many attributes we need for a peaceful life, it is not about fighting or aggression, it’s about taking the higher the road, fighting back lower vibrations, making the right choices, understanding unseen energies and spiritual laws and how these affect us.  In its lowest form the physical it is an exercise, but above us and within us it is a mental imperative to find Peace, to find God, to help us return home, union, Yoga.

Let us simplify, every time we do a good deed, turn away from hate, put others before ourselves, show compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and respect our king and Queen – the heart centre in ourselves and others we create the right vibrations to guide us home, to raise our vibrations, to bypass death. When we act in the opposite manner, we are steered the wrong way, we create hurt, the vibrations create misery for others and ourselves, like attracts like.

When we do what the poses is telling us we learn how not to create torment for ourselves, how to negate low vibrations, to understand and endure with faith and trust when bad things happen.

Let the Peaceful Warrior be our Master, our guide our teacher.

The warrior pose for most of us will be a lifelong journey and all we can do is try our best we all make mistakes, if we get it wrong, try again but we try to learn from our blunders, we let good come from bad, we do not beat ourself up. If another tells you they have mastered the Warrior pose, look through the pose, look to the attributes (you can find them within our posts). Look at ourselves first.

However, there is one who came as a Peaceful Warrior, who carried the Krishna vibration, who came to the West, who delivered his messages through the word, known by Paramahansa Yogananda, he is called, The Nazarene.



When we have no Guru let the teacher within guide us

Look to the Peaceful Warrior,

Let the energy of the Nazarene be our Shepard,

To guide, protect and keep safe.

Seek unity with your spirit




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