Opening the Heart

16 September, 2021

Sometimes in order to understand our own Yoga practice we need to look at the practice of our brothers and sisters.

Many will tell you in a class to open your heart, what does it mean, what are we expecting to change ???  Are there dangers to doing this?

Opening your heart can lead to happiness, contentment and peace but we need to do it more than just an hour on the mat.


The Islamic Mystics (Sufi’s) teach to be kind with our words, for every kind words opens the heart


Every unkind word closes it.


The bible teaches that we defile ourselves by what comes out of our mouths, in other words, lowers our own vibration,

for what we send out comes back double.


For us as Yoga practitioners to open our hearts, be gentle with our words, to ourselves and others,

for some this will be easy, but for others it may be one of the hardest poses to overcome.

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