En-veloped Yoga

2 August, 2023

En-Veloped Yoga

En-veloped Yoga – LifeBalance


Many of our readers will already recognise the title from previous articles.  We would like to share another aspect of this topic with a slight change on how we use the Word.  A very small change can bring forward a lot more knowledge.

We would like to try and show how we can hold opposing views or different understandings.  How one external teaching can also be an inner teaching.  Something that we may discard in the physical can also be one of the most important on the yogic path or the spiritual path.

Those of you, reading our articles for the first time we suggest reading this link to share an understanding…

Envelope Yoga


We would like to introduce Envelope yoga or En-Vel-oped Yoga.

In one context the understanding of the word means one thing and by a slight change on pronunciation it means another.  Everyday, countless numbers of Envelopes are thrown in the bin.  This is how much of the yoga taught in the West is.  This is the outer form.

A delivery system.

Like most envelopes the real message is inside.  Why do we not teach this inner form to our students?  That is an individual question, which will have many answers.


We must also ask the question.  How many of our students would wish to learn, to be able to create peace for ourselves. We must remind all, that yoga was brought to the West by those who believed it would help us all to connect to our spirits.  Unfortunately, the lessons have been misinterpreted for a large part.

There are those who base their yoga on the ability to do a difficult pose.  They believe that they have cracked it, but this is far from the truth.

Our Yoga must be En-Veloped.

Those of us who go for a good old stretch, a workout, a destress then we don’t really need to think about the above.  Those of us who do walk spiritual paths, yogic paths, or the redemption path.  We all need to animate the pose!

We need to En-Velope the pose.

To embrace the thought.

Practice the thought.

Very Simply:  The pose needs to become part of us, we need to give it life.

However, there are those who want change in their lives, those that are struggling, wrestling.  This is where yoga can help.  Yoking, union in a way that creates inner change that reflects on the physical body.

We can stand all day in a pose, stand on our heads.  It will not bring about the changes unless we en-velope the inner teachings.  We practice, we wrestle, we hope and have faith that the changes we want will come.

We take the inner teachings, the sympathetic vibrations we attract will improve our own.  Those vibrations when held pain free improve our thoughts our deeds and our actions.  We raise our vibrations, old habits, behaviours fall away.

Things that hurt us, upset us, challenge and trouble us lose their power.  The strength of the inner vibration, the inner light is part of us as we have En-veloped and embraced.  We become enlightened.  Our actions are in accordance with our Dharma, our yoga, our union.  We become yoked.


To finish we would like our readers to think about feminine wisdom, the mountain pose, our heavenly mother or divine mother.

The dictionary states, En-vel-oped means:  to surround and enclose completely with or as if with a covering.


We ask this question.

What is a cuddle?

When we look at something it changes!

We wish you unity with your spirits.


Our next Day of Healing is on Saturday the 23rd of September 10am-2pm at Crosby library.  All help on the day is given free of charge.  If you would like to know more about any of the articles the team write, have questions, pop in for a cuppa and piece of cake.  Everything discussed is in complete confidence.


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