Learn to Wrestle

31 July, 2023

Learn to Wrestle

 Learn to Wrestle – LifeBalance.


One of the most important aspects for those who are walking spiritual paths is the ability to wrestle.  This may sound odd, but it is an important understanding.  We will go as far as to say the ability to wrestle is paramount in creating the changes that we seek.

The ability to wrestle can help us find Peace.

Many of our readers are thinking “perish the thought”, “not for me, thank you”, “been there done that, have bad shoulders to prove it”.  Wrestling can have some long-term damage to the physical body or problems that arise in later life, just like many sports or physical activities.

This being said there is many beneficial attributes.  Learning to wrestle is hard, training is tough.  Most of all, it takes hard work, focus and perseverance.  As we progress and develop.  As we get stronger, develop endurance and knowledge, so do our opponents.

Our opponents get stronger.

What does this mean to us, those of us on a yogic path, a spiritual path, a redemption path.  Those of us who want change.  If we are beaten down and battle weary.  We wish to find the light that is within.

Battles are thought.

We have said the above many times.  It may help our readers to contrast the physical body to our minds.  Now in the context of wrestling, we are wrestling with our thoughts.  Take a moment here and ponder.  See how many wrestling bouts we have going on at the same time?

On many occasions we can see that the challenges have not been created by ourselves.  They can be from others, situations, life, illness.  The lists can go on.  Then there are the battles that we have created for ourselves.  We can let things in that interfere with our Peace.

Those who understand spiritual laws will know the far-reaching benefits of wrestling.  There are those who also know the pain that non wrestling can invite into our lives.

Who are, our opponents?

If there is one thing that will drain our energy and open the door to unwanted guests it is negative thinking, negative thoughts, witchcraft.

Injustice, anger, jealousy, greed, intolerance, frustration are a few.

A hard aspect on any spiritual path is wrestling.  We must always challenge our own negative thoughts, we try our best not to send negative thoughts out.  We try our best not to let negative situations change our being.  When a horrible thought comes in towards another, challenge it.  Wrestle it.  Do not let it walk in and change our mind.  Do not let it lower our own vibration.

Learn to Wrestle – LifeBalance.

Sometimes we may observe a situation that is not pleasant, may seem unjust, unrighteous, and nasty.  The situation may be what it is supposed to be.  This is where are opponents are skilled.  We can rant, we may swear, we may utter words that cannot be printed.

We need to know our enemy.

We need to wrestle.

Only through wrestling can we begin to challenge the thoughts.  Only through wrestling can we get stronger.  The enemy is clever they will make us not like ourselves because of the thoughts we have. They will expand these thoughts as if we hook on these and send them out, we damage ourselves.


The thoughts can role in one after the other, or 10,20 at a time.  Wrestle them all, some we win some we lose.  We will improve, we will get stronger.  As we get stronger the opponents will become smarter.  It doesn’t matter, we keep wrestling.

Using an understanding from our yogic brothers and sisters:  We wrestle to become peaceful warriors. We learn what moves work and what makes things worse.  These bouts can be carnage.  It doesn’t matter we keep battling.  We will improve.

Learn to wrestle

We can’t always fight fire with fire.  Fight with fire with water.  Bad thoughts with good thoughts.  The wrestling will come.  The false personality will show the mind all sorts to create emotional pain, rational pain, spiritual pain.  It will use tricks, guile and unrighteousness.

The adversary will use the past, present and future.  It will create imaginary pain and suffering, hoping that we give it life.  It will use upset, frustration, helplessness, loneliness, isolation, manipulation, fear and dominance.

The adversary has more moves and abilities.  We only begin to understand when we wrestle.  We start to understand their tactics.  The thoughts they use can be upsetting, troubling, opposite to our true selves.  The thoughts are there to disrupt, decimate and destroy.

There is a problem though.  Many will not wrestle with their thoughts.  Many will be blissfully unaware that if we do not wrestle or challenge what will happen.  The negative thoughts, the angry thoughts, the horrible thoughts, the enemy.  They will get stronger.

Once we have allowed the enemy into our stronghold, they will cause damage.  Many will not care.  To find peace, to create peace we must wrestle.  We must endure till we become strong enough.  To deflect the attack before it is launched, to disrupt and disarm.

The saboteur will do as much damage as possible for as long as possible while unchallenged.

Wrestling helps us remove impurities, it helps to refine us, to change, to improve. To replace negative thoughts and vibrations with positive.  We may find that what we wrestle with is in our own purse.  Only by wrestling do we learn how to remove it.

We have more to share on this subject.  The 1st thing to think about is what we wrestle with, it doesn’t matter but even here the enemy will use its tricks to stop the fight.  Shame, guilt, private information, our own weakness, embarrassment, pride.  We fear the enemy.  It doesn’t matter what they attack with, we wrestle, we wrestle, we wrestle.

We need to find a coach, a teacher, a lens.

We need to practice.

We need to En-velope the qualities of a wrestler,

His name is Jacob.

Our next Day of Healing is on the 23rd of September 10-2pm at Crosby library.  There is no charge for any help given on the day. Free refreshments. Healing Days

Crosby library: https://www.seftondirectory.com/kb5/sefton/directory/service.page?id=HI-wM9yYCC8

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