Indentation Yoga

3 September, 2023

Indentation Yoga

Indentation Yoga. LifeBalance

This article is written with the intention of explaining how the system of yoga/union or yoking can bring around meaningful changes.

We will start with a question?  Why does yoga make us feel so good?

Stretching the muscles yes, relieving stress and tension yes, making us flexible, sweat yes, yes, yes!

Could we get the same effects from a gentle workout with weights or cycling?

However, there are other feeling that we get.  If we did not get the other feelings or sensations, would we do yoga?  If any reading this are at a loss now, then we can look at the mental effects of yoga.  How it effects our hormones, and improves brain activity.

So why does the body release chemicals and change brain structure through yoga?

Yoga is a set of instructions that impress upon the soul.

If we can grasp the real gravity of the above statement, we may understand why we should be careful, why we should consider what we eat, words, actions, deeds and how we treat ourselves and others.

We wrote many months ago about the importance of Constantinople, that is where East meets West.  This teaching is even more important when we consider hemispheres of the brain and unseen influences.  This we will discuss another time.

In times gone by, the teacher would guide the student.  Along with other aspects of the yoga practice or limbs as it known.  The teacher through spiritual knowledge would imbed the ideas and values by what we know as yoga poses.

These poses would leave a gentle indentation on the soul.

The spirit within would make then make changes needed.  When we give spiritual healing, we work on the spirit.  These changes then reflect on the physical body.

Indentation Yoga

However, these changes take time and repetition due to the amount of energy required. This also ensures the student understands the lesson.  There are dangers to understand, the Western society seem to ignore all.  But and this is a big But!  How things used to work is not how they work now! All yoga leaves an impression, some depressions cause more harm than good.

How yoga works in the western hemisphere is very different from the East, hence the importance of Constantinople.  It is always useful to understand different philosophies and cultural differences.  The Western mind set and our materialism.  Very simply the effects are different.

External Instruction to spirit through pose.

Once the spirit has received instruction the physiological changes are made.  We see this through chemical and hormonal release.  The instruction came from within by poses. Preparation followed strict instruction and guidance.  There was sincere intention to find God.

Change is never forced.  There can be a lot of weight needed, this can cause damage if not properly prepared. Unfortunately, many will not listen, we see them on our healing days and in our sanctuaries seeking help and removals.

Indentation Yoga
We will use the weight on the bench to illustrate.  The weight represents the pose.  The bench represents the soul.
Indentation Yoga
The pose under the guidance of the teacher sends the request.( the student must be in the physical presence of the teacher).  The impression gave instruction to the spirit within via indentation and the changes were made.  This is where danger lays through lack of knowledge, misinterpretation and misuse.  Yoga is a system to find GOD.

Believe it or not, those students looking to understand these principles will find it on their yoga mat when shown how to understand it.


Change from within

We always say to set our intentions “for a good old stretch” only. This can help protect us from unseen spiritual interference.  Do we really know what is happening spiritually when we undertake yoga?  How many of us are able to see with clairvoyance what is really taking place.

We must be mindful of what we do to ourselves, our intentions and energies around teacher and students.  Energies can bring big change they can also bring big problems. There are other reasons on top of this but there is a point and place in time where the system changed.

Have any of our readers had problems when changing a computer operating system! Trying to run programs on old systems can cause many issues for the user.

After this system change, there was no longer a need to use the external indentation. The changes could be found from within.

Indentation Yoga

This is where much confusion comes in.  We are giving instruction via an external source when the spirit is doing its best to communicate and help us from within.  This is why many suffer with aguish and negative effects amongst others.

We are simply giving the wrong instruction to the spirit within or in most cases the message is not being received  or interferes because of spiritual evolution.  There is an easier way to communicate and create the changes we need.

We will leave you all with this to think on.  A yoga pose is a spiritual instruction.  A yoga pose is nothing more than a thought.

A materialised thought

A thought in physical form.

We wish you all unity with your spirits,

to be guided by Light.


Our next “Day of Healing” event is fast approaching.  Saturday the 23rd of September 10-2pm at Crosby Library.  If you wish to know more about what we write or the help that the team can give, then come along.  If you are worried about someone then come and speak with us. All help given on the day is free of charge. Pop in for a cuppa and piece of homemade cake.  All are welcome.

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