Self Care September- Reiki Rach

20 September, 2021

I realise that over the past couple of years self-care has become a bit of a slogan with people posting pictures of themselves in a bubble bath or painting their nails but it is a lot more than that. We need to stop confusing self-care with self-indulgence and realise that this time is important for us physically, mentally but most of all, spiritually. 

I want to start by saying please don’t beat yourself up for taking time for you. I used to really struggle with this, I would feel guilty and almost ashamed to say I needed some time for myself. So I would plod on all the while feeling exhausted, resentful and downright miserable. Until I would eventually hit breaking point by which time I was completely run into the ground. Until I began to look at self-care differently. 

If I have been using my mobile during the day I expect that the battery will need to be charged during the evening. So why is it that when I felt rundown and low of energy I didn’t expect that my batteries would need recharging? I mean come on its totally logical, nothing can run on empty so why am I any different? And this is the thought that completely changed things for me.  

I now see that taking time out for self-care is not selfish it’s a necessity. We need this time to recharge our soul. Our physical body is powered by our physical and spiritual energy and when this energy is low our physical cannot carry on, hence why when you have done too much without having time to relax and recharge our physical and our mental health begins to suffer causing dis-ease within. So, you see while it is nice and relaxing to have our nails painted or take a bubble bath and yes that is a form of self-care but it will not sustain us for long. Though practicing meditation, exercise, good nutrition and relaxation techniques we will fuel our physical with all it needs to stay healthy. All of these have positive effects on our physical and because they come from positive energy and resonate at a healing and fulfilling frequency.  

My hope for you this September is that you allow yourself some time for you without judgment or guilt. 

Peace love and harmony 

Reiki Rach  

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