Septembers article- Ask Maureen

8 October, 2021

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome to the Month of September.

Apologies for the lateness of this article: Life as they say got in the way.

And as I was writing this I was looking out onto beautiful golden fields of cropped wheat. Harvest time. I hope you enjoyed the harvest moon that herald the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn. Our neighbouring farmers are busy at work, making hay for their animals for the winter. The wheat has already gone off to the mills to be ground into flour.

And I am reminded of the proverb there is a time for every purpose in God’s heaven. A time to reap and a time to sow.

As spiritual beings we believe that everything has a purpose. Even at times when we may not understand what that purpose might be. We trust that everything happens for a reason.

Man’s search for truth goes on. We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Our computers have search engines to find the most obscure things. Religious texts. Meditation sites. Even lullaby sites for babies to drop off to sleep to. I have suggested certain inspiring books that may be of interest to you.

Yes, we truly live in a modern age of technology. An ology in my day was to do with studying and gaining a certificate to ‘O’, or A level standard. Sociology, psychology, biology. Now we talk of nano seconds, and photons, newtons, and protons. Our young people are obsessed with fit bits that they strap to their wrists, that tell them how fast their heart is beating, how many calories they have burnt, and steps they have taken. We are obsessed with the quick and the new; 4 G is being replaced with 5G. New gadgets for this and that. In my day it was make do and mend. And now we have become a throwaway society.

If only we spent the same amount of time researching who we truly are and how powerful we are as beings of light and love.

Do you recall my articles on how the mind works? I wrote that every thought that we think creates our experience. So, the way we think, affects the way we feel our mood and emotions and they will influence our actions behaviours. Our feelings and actions create our tomorrows. Yesterday is gone tomorrow is

yet to come we only have today and it’s a gift that’s why we call it the present. Our reality. How powerful if that.

And a very good way of experiencing what we are thinking is to pay attention to our thoughts. And then ask, do we want this thought to create our reality.? It’s as simple as that, the law of attraction says, what we give out will return to us tenfold. So be mindful of what we think. Allow yourself to create a wonderful, loving, environment for you and your loved ones, where you can live in peace and safety.

Remember we all want to be loved, we all want to feel safe and accepted. So, create this by the power of your thoughts and thinking. By doing this we create a better world for ourselves and our children, and grandchildren. And know that we are connecting to other like-minded people in the universe. All it takes is just one thought to add to the collective consciousness for goodness and love to expand.

When I want to quiet my mind, I achieve this by meditation. Going within.

Meditation to me is simply taking myself of to a place where I won’t be disturbed, concentrating on my breath, relaxing my body, by letting my shoulders drop, my hands become loose on my lap, I allow my tummy to become warm and soft. In other words, I release all tension. And then I allow my mind to become quiet too.

Initially, this takes a little practice, as we have the old chatter box of narrative going on. I was taught to just observe those thoughts and not to pay any attention to them, but to watch them as clouds up in the sky, eventually they pass by. If my mind wanders, I gently bring my focus back to my breath. Eventually, we will enter that place of inner peace. It is here that our higher self-resides.

An old Chinese proverb, our minds are like branches of the tree. The birds of the air are the thoughts that we randomly think repeatedly. Some good some not so good. The secret is to allow the birds to rest momentarily, but not to allow them to build a nest there.

The search for God and peace won’t be found in books, although they will signpost you to various sources; and practices that will help you, to fully understand, one must actively participate. And that means making a commitment to yourself and God to sincerely seek him out.

Remember all those who seek sincerely will find. Meditation is the key. God speaks to us in the quietness of our mind. His truth leaves us peaceful. Prayer can also be described as meditation as we are focusing our mind on a higher plane.

Has not our Lord told us to ask, and we shall receive? Seek and we shall find. Knock and the door to knowledge will be opened to us. The onus is on us dear friends, for we have all been given free will. And that is one of the greatest gifts given to us from our maker. Take time each day to meditate and let the higher power within you connect to source.

We hear in our news things that might disturb us, rattle us, or put us into a spin. When this happens go within. Remember you are of the light. And that you are a divine magnificent expression of life. And let peace indwell in you.

There is now panic buying at our petrol stations that has created the shortage. How interesting. Be reassured and affirm for yourselves that there is plenty of fuel for everyone including you.

So yes, there is a time for every purpose under God’s heaven, give it a try you might be surprised at how much peace and tranquillity you create in your own life.

Until next time dear friends look after one another, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

I send you all love and light

Maureen x

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