Warrior pose part 9

8 October, 2021

warrior pose part 9

Not the Yoga teacher I was expecting – Where is the Warrior. Warrior Pose part 9

In the west what do we expect from a Yoga teacher, what do they look like, how does a teacher sell themselves; how does a teacher find students, how does a student find a teacher.  Much of this is done through word of mouth but much of it through pictures. Pictures can create emotional response.


How many of us would join a Yoga class that did not teach stretching, funny now years down the line we stand in our practice imitating pictures creating unseen energy. What if each of these pictures or poses have been misinterpreted or the understandings given did not translate correctly into our western society or the western hemisphere, on that point, why does our brain have 2 hemispheres, how does the Yoga of East effect the western hemisphere, how does Yoga of the East effect the Western mind, does it strengthen the physical connection or does it cause confusion, or does the Western Hemisphere (Mindset) chop and choose what it wants for its material needs?


How does the left side and the right side of the brain work, are we dominated by our emotions? How does our brains interact with our Yoga practice or the sequence we have just completed?  How does the energy in your studio make you feel?  Before you read any further it would be worth having a look at what parts of the brain effect emotions, speech, anger, fear, happiness. What chemicals are released on emotional response or stimulation.


What chemicals are released when we imitate a picture or in other words perform a pose! What chemicals are released if we over stimulate a chakra? Food for thought!


Why is this important?  Because our Yoga practice influences our vibrations-brainwaves-thoughts and if not guided and controlled can cause havoc.  Western culture is not well known for its patience hence the lack of understanding of the Guru, the teacher, the dominant energy that guides us throughout our practice.  The Western practice has little or no time for the many segments of the Eastern teachings, we choose not to consider, but on top of this there are teachings which need to be partitioned as they affect not only the mind but the emotional body in a detrimental way.

Our Yoga has to be retaught for the Western Mind, it has to be taught from the original source, the spirit within.


Let’s put it very simply, a pose mimics a spiritual quality, if not understood correctly the pose or sequence will release all sorts of hormonal responses, and dependant on our state of wellbeing, what we have going on in our own minds our practice will have many effects.

Fear, sadness, pain, anger, suffering, happiness, joy, PEACE

The peaceful warrior is a state of being to control emotions responses, if we can control our emotions, we can create peace.


It is very important to know that the Guru, teacher or guide influence our poses, they correct our posture with unseen energy, love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance or in other words our mood, outlook, attitude, frame of mind, standpoint, point of view, feeling, sentiment, they change how we see things, they influence the chemicals in our body, they show use a better way.  This is why it is very important that we choose our teachers correctly or that we do not mislead our students, we teach them to improve their posture for better wellbeing.


Not the Yoga teacher I was expecting


We have spoken about this Yoga teacher before and it is worth knowing that many teachers are around us that practice a higher form of Yoga.  In the west we seem to expect all our teachers to be doing a headstand or some sort of pose, but we need to look past this, but this teacher never undertook a lower form Yoga but created change for many through higher teachings, through unseen love, through sincerity.   And where does the Peaceful Warrior come from?  It comes from within.  This teacher, like so many had unity with his spirit. This is evident in his courage, fortitude of mind, the fight he undertook, and the strength flowed from within him.  The pose, the posture, the position, the stand he took allowed him to find strength when his environment was against him, he did not hate his enemy, he wished for unity, he saw his king and queen in every human being.

Martin Luther King, the Peaceful Warrior, who saw his King and Queen in the heart of all men and women.

When DR. King gave his famous speech, did he stand in a warrior pose, did he demonstrate, warrior 1,2,3 or Humble Warrior.   Watch the video again, look through the pose. The answer is he most certainly did.  Not in the physical but by his wordhis law, his vibration and what he carried within.  His love, his influence, his tolerance, he wanted better for all his fellow man and women, he made allowances.  I have no doubt in my mind that DR. King carried the Krishna vibration, the Christ vibration, he adopted the path of peace, The Nazarene Way.

He embodied the Peaceful Warrior in the higher form, he understood the picture. 

 (what the pose is telling us).

A Yoga teacher is not just about stretching the physical body, they stretch our minds, they challenge what we know, our perception, they expand our mind, our thinking, they teach us to think higher, to raise our vibration, to deal with intolerance with love and foresight.  DR. King knew that hate was not the way and that it returns two-fold to the sender, he turned the other the cheek, he knew the law rested in every single heart on this planet regardless of skin colour, religion or nationality.  He followed the influence of the peaceful warrior.  He shared through the word to influence and improve more than any physical position ever can.


The Peaceful Warrior was his Master


Martin was guided from within, the Nazarene, the peaceful warrior was his example, it guided how he thought, it taught him not to fight, it taught him to be Meek, strength under control.

Evil, resist ye not, the Master showed Martin a better way.

The Peaceful warrior is guided by the quiet teacher,

the teacher within,

and let the quiet teacher

plant your tree.


Seek unity with your spirit.

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