Warrior Pose part 10.

18 November, 2021

Warrior pose part 10

 Warrior Pose part 10.  It’s not about the Warrior, this is an outer teaching.

Over the last 9 months we have given you a few perspectives to look at our yoga practice differently, to look through the pose.  There is no coincidence that we have given you all is a 9-month gestation period.  (we will go into this on another occasion).  Now is the time for our seeds to be watered so to speak.

We have shared some spiritual light on the warrior pose but just like the envelope the warrior pose is an outer teaching which holds a more refined message within.  We now hope that what we have shared with you will begin to take root or in yoga terms Ground.  The more we learn to look within the more peace we can find, the more our ability grows to find peace.


The Yoga pose is a method of looking through deception to find truth, this then gives us the skills to look within, the self or the true self “the self-less”, put very simply finding peace by having unity with our spirits.


The practice of yoga is similar to spiritual knowledge, we are given a level of understanding and as our knowledge grows, we see things in a different light.  But.  If we look through a pose, look at the inner meaning we find a more refined lesson or a higher teaching.  These teaching when understood can allow the escape and have freedom of mind in the world we live in.  So many people in this world are unhappy for one reason or another.  But.  If we can teach someone to find peace then think how happier, content, settled our lives would be.

Dispassion and Peace

I want a flat stomach, if I had peace I would be content on how it is, If I wanted a posh car but could not afford one, If I had peace it would not bother me, If we were in a difficult situation we would make better decisions as emotions would not affect our thinking, we would be dispassionate.  Think of the other situations terminal illness, death of a love one, financial ruin, cheating partner, all of these things can be so much different, how they affect us, how we cope and how we move on.

In simple terms.

Our yoga practice needs to work on the mental plane, the mind.  If the mind is not bothered or not troubled this reflects on the body.  These thoughts and understanding help us overcome the deception of life and death.  Is it not time to get the full benefit of our yoga practices?


It always makes me think when I read that standing in a certain pose will help us loose our ego, this is a big problem with the warrior understanding, but to get it to work we have to have knowledge of the higher teaching and apply it.  If we work on a pose and we tell someone we have mastered it, we have been deceived by the pose.  The moment we do this the Ego has asserted its self (there is that word again- self) it sets us above another. The outer thinks it is more important than the inner.


How many of us when we pick up our letters keep the envelope and throw away what is inside?


If when we have practiced a pose and we begin to see things differently (our posture has changed) how we feel about ourselves and how we treat others as an example, then the pose has been our master- our guide-our Sherpa-our guru.  We have aligned our vibration to a higher form using spiritual knowledge.  We can see the self as physical- material but to be “self-less” we look past the physical we take the higher teaching; we are in continual improvement.   As our vibrations lift, we feel better, happier, content and at peace.


Learn the higher values of our poses, the values that release us from pain and suffering.

“Not releasing emotions.”


There are always more lessons to learn.

Taking into account all that we have written over the last few months, the warrior pose is only an outer teaching, when we grow old, how many of us will say “ well I used to be able to master this pose or that pose”.  What then, the Ego, the physical, the material has let us down, and just like an old envelope thrown in the bin, what will we be able to say……….

Now think of this, we take the inner teaching, we learn from it, we apply it, it changes our posture, it improves our thoughts, our interactions, it teaches us to raise our vibrations, to be self-less.  When sickness, death, pain and suffering come they hold no power, we are not emotional, we are dispassionate because our knowledge dispels fear, we carry the light of truth.

Think of the warrior pose as a book and if we only imitate the pictures, we are not being enlightened, we need to open the book.  So, when the time comes when we cannot practice yoga it does not matter, we have learnt the lessons from within, the pose is no longer necessary.  The outer teaching can then be discarded with the knowledge within safely taken onboard and practiced, our assent assured by virtue of higher vibrations and what higher vibrations attract.

The warrior pose is an expression

We have warrior 1,2,3 we have peaceful warrior, humble warrior all which have different understandings and levels of refinement.  These are all expressions of the mind, they teach us calm in a sea anger, love in a storm of hate, tolerance against aggression, forgiveness for inflicting pain.

The doorway of the warrior

The warrior pose is a doorway to a higher teaching, a finer teaching but until we look past the physical, we will not see them.  We ask you this question, what is the sequence for the warrior, how do they get there, what are the next steps. For many of our readers this will be new thoughts, new understandings, applied for the western mind, but where does this knowledge come from.  The understandings come from having unity with our spirits, we are taught, guided, humbled by what we carry within.

A Warrior must listen- to tune in- to observe and accept

 A warrior cannot teach us about peace until they have surrendered, until they have been humbled, until they have asked for help. They must abandon their weapons that can inflict pain on another, they have yielded to love.  Only then can they adopt the path of the humble warrior.


All paths are different but for certain journeys we need different skills.

We must learn to dance,

We must learn the qualities of Dancers Pose to help our warrior,

Then and only then,

Should we venture up the mountain.


We wish you unity with your spirits.

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