No November. Reiki Rach

18 November, 2021

No November

Do you feel comfortable or even confident enough to use the word “NO”? Why is it that such a short word can make our skin crawl? Do you find yourself in situations where you want to say no but you just can’t bring yourself to do it?


Well, I have found myself in a situation lately that has made me feel very uncomfortable but I felt obliged to say “yes” to help someone when everything inside me was screaming “NO”. By saying yes I have put myself through a lot of unnecessary stress. So I have decided enough is enough and my word for this November is going to be NO.


There is a lot of negativity surrounding the word no. People automatically think you are being difficult, rude or just antisocial through using it when in reality no is just a word. I have made the conscious decision to start thinking differently about no. I am going to see it as a word that can lift me up and empower me to give me charge of my own free will and beliefs through setting healthy boundaries and not allowing people to take advantage of me. I realise that I may come up against some friction but I have to stand strong and use the NO word to enable me to live my life how I wish and make healthy decisions for myself.


My hope for this November is that you find your voice and you stand up for yourself and your beliefs too.

Peace love and harmony

Reiki Rach

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