A Russian Heart

15 October, 2021

A Russian Heart

A Russian heart is more than meets the eye, yet it carries a very important spiritual message.  For any who are suffering, looking to understand themselves spiritually and the world they live in, then the Russian heart is a good doorway to open.  I have to thank John Butler for inspiring this little post.  If you have never come across John Butler, regardless of what your religion is or your beliefs, John shares some very profound spiritual insights, you can search and find Johns talks on Youtube under John Butler, Spiritual unfoldment.

In one of Johns discourses he talks about his mother, her love and what she gave him.  Being half Russian, he simply said ” A Russian Heart”, he then explains further, that it is, An ABUNDANCE OF LOVE.  This struck a chord with us, and set us on some deep thought on, Abundance of Love.  If we look at any media or listen to our governments, they demonise people and create division, we see a  lot of this with Russia but truth be told the normal person just wants a simple life, a peaceful life, so what is said on our television’s and by our governments may not be what those at the other end want, and once we send out a negative thought it effects the target and comes back double to the sender. Our thoughts then create the division, opposite to an abundance of love.

I knew there was more to this so at the end of a closed meditation when I came around, I simply asked to be given the understanding of the Russian Heart and thought no more about it.


It is always interesting how things are given spiritually and as I was pottering around the garden, I looked across into our rockery and saw our little Russian doll that we found all those years ago staring at me, then in an instant the understanding was given.

The Russian Heart, the abundance of love, our Heavenly Mother, the Divine Feminine, Wisdom, the Creative Love, everything has an external message that leads to the truth, to the centre, the heart.  The feminine principle, feminine energy acts in many different ways from its masculine counterpart, they are equal but different and many have no understanding of the protective strength of our Heavenly Mother.

If we look at our Russian doll , it may be worn, it may be rough, it may look different, but we open them and look inside we see a finer, smaller doll, protected by the outer shell.  Again we open the next doll shell, with an even finer doll, perfect and protected by the outer.  The final doll represented by a baby or  innocence protected by layer upon layer of the scared feminine.   Layer upon layer of love, an abundance of love.   What is within loves the external which protects it.  In the physical we are limited, but with spirit this love is infinite, there is always more love to give, each layer revealing more wisdom, even through death a mothers love still shelters those who are living.  The outer shell may take a battering but what is within is preserved, we can still give love to others regardless of any traumatic events or suffering we have experienced.

Love is not bound by the doorway of physical death, death is only a shell, like our little doll,  something more beautiful inside.

Even if we did not have the mother we wanted, or our mothers were taken way to early then find our heavenly mother, the love is there, the security is there, wisdom is there, we are always loved regardless of what life has thrown at us.  If you read Maureen’s September article, her quote from the Bible, ” Seek and ye shall find”, we are always cherished by an outer and inner shell, an abundance of love, we must seek, develop and attune ourselves to be able to feel the kingdom and have with utter confidence and faith that we are loved and we are safeguarded regardless what challenges life gives us.

If any of our readers would like to know more about this, we suggest reading “Interior Castles”, by St. Teresa of Alvila, a 14th century mystic.

A Russian heart is a bridge of peace, of love.  We all have a Russian heart regardless of where we come from, our religion or beliefs, only we can choose to find it, to share it and to give it, even to those who our supposed enemies. Like our Russian dolls, there is always more  love to give to share and when the physical falls away (the self) then the loves becomes (selfless- beyond physical).

We will leave you with this thought, we are all spirit, the doll shell that protects another person is the same shell that protects you and I, but as we peel back the layers to the point that the physical no longer exists then we are all as one, spirit, regardless of our nationality or colour we have an abundance of love within.


We wish you all a Russian Heart,

an abundance of love,

to find the wealth

that you carry within.


We wish you unity with your spirit.

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