Let the Heart Teach

13 March, 2024

Let the Heart Teach

Let the Heart Teach.

  Strengthen the Heart part 2.

Many of our readers will be aware that we have begun to teach and share self-healing. Those who attend will be able to tell others that the heart plays an important role on whatever journey we are taking. In fact, it all comes from the heart or should we say Harp.

Once again borrowing from pilates, our heart is at our centre, so we strengthen the core.  We build up the heat within, we increase the light that is within.  This light brings forward freedom from the physical world. The heart is more than a pump it is the connection to the spirit within.

Spirit which permeates all things.

When our spirits are created, the first thing that is materialised is the heart, the Christ seed to be specific, its physical partner is known as the SA node. The SA node is the pacemaker of the heart. This is the doorway from spirit to the physical and vice versa, for when it is our time to return home.

Regardless, if we do yoga or pilates, in fact any sport or pastime we need to practice.  To build muscles we can do weights.  Many will do cardio to strengthen the heart, but this is only the physical heart, what about the inner heart, the spiritual heart.

Listen to the pacemaker to become the peace maker.

The exercises are easy but can create the toughest challenges and the sweetest of rewards. We will use some contrasts from yoga and pilates.  Using yoga, we put ourselves into a pose and we try and attract the change.  Using pilates we have to work on creating the change ourselves. We create the energy, we create the heat, the warmth.  We are not relying on outside energy or forces (a very misunderstood aspect of yoga).

As with strengthening the heart, we must create the changes, create the environment, improve the soil, no one else can do it for us. This is one of the reasons we do not teach or talk about chakras at this time.

Instead of wanting the chakra to open, learn to give the heart what it needs.

Become a gardener, a gardener of love.

Who toils, tends and cares, who has hope!

Many of us will go on a retreat, workshop or class but will still swear, say and think horrible things, do horrible things which are opposite to the actions of the heart.

Opening the heart is about real sight, Spiritual sight which helps us see, hear, speak, think and feel different.

All of this takes practice, some it is easy for, some it can be an impossible challenge.  We may have built walls, closed ourselves off, been hurt, mistreated, abandoned or worse.  All of life’s problems can have detrimental effects on our hearts.  Hence, we have always said “we wish you unity with your spirits”.  What we mean by this, is that you learn to connect to your own light, your own spirit and that we begin to heal or become whole, the spirit and physical in balance.

Our behaviour changes, we become less troubled.

We are not reliant on outside energies or forces that we do not control to create happiness.  It is already within, waiting to help, heal, communicate and teach. We are not slave to outside emotions, thoughts, actions, deeds or situations.  We are guided from within we are guided by the heart, the keeper of peace.

When it comes to the heart, maybe its just a different understanding that we need.  So many people unhappy, even those with abundant physical wealth.  So many people in terrible conditions who are angry and hurt.  Then we meet those who have had a terrible time who just radiate love, who have nothing, with the rest of us somewhere in between.

Sometimes healing is about connecting one to their spirit.

We always know when our hearts begin to open, as we change, how we see things changes, things that we say, change.  How we listen changes, how we think changes and what we feel about things frees us from pain.

We become more tolerant.

Just think how our planet would be if our hearts were truly open, think about how arguments would be settled, how agreements would be reached.  Our understanding of situations would be very different, our solutions would be of a higher nature. Compromise and reconciliation would be a complementary and harmonious thing to all parties.

Our actions, reactions, attitudes and understandings improve.  We think and act more like spirit through the lens of unconditional love.

The road to opening the heart is a simple one when we sincerely want change.  The Yoke is Easy. No one can do it for us.  We must embark on the path of change to raise our vibration through, thoughts, deeds and action.  We must be as honest behind closed doors as we are in public.  We take small steps on the path of change.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God is a great understanding. The doorway-flower-heart will be opened unto you.

We can’t just open the heart, we have to take the right steps.

We must create the right vibrations with our harps.

The harp that alleviates pain and suffering.


We wish you all, unity with your spirits.


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